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Eternal Security comes only from Saving Faith

The real question is not whether believers are eternally secure. The real question when this issue comes up is whether one truly has saving faith.

Eternal security goes hand in hand with saving faith. Saving faith causes regeneration by the Holy Spirit into a new person with Heaven bound ambitions only. If we are not focused solely on the eternal after this physical life than how on earth would we believe we have eternal life now? Think on this with an open heart.

Christ's followers in the first century and the martyrs after them truly believed the Gospel. Saving faith according to Jesus results in your hunger for His teaching and your obedience to His teaching the rest of the days of your physical life.

False "gospels" encourage false believers to rest on a non-existent "idea" of eternal security while keeping all the cares of this temporary life. Scriptural security in Christ's Sacrifice applies only to those whom have truly been born again into a new creature. Those whom have lost all interest in this temporary world controlled by Satan turning all their interests toward their Heavenly Reward.

If our hearts and minds are truly crucified with Christ, would we be wrapped up in career and family and getting ahead in this life and accumulating wealth and things of this world just like the unbelievers do?

Would we give any mind to the things of the world like hobbies, sports (NFL, MLB, etc), pastimes, entertainment, etc...just like the unbelievers do?

Would we care what our neighbors think and fear their reviling of us for Christ's Namesake? Or would we surround our houses and cars with the Gospel and make it known to all that we truly believe. Belief so strong that we become "fools for Christ", Hell so real, that we cannot waste another minute on the temporary things of the world and must warn all that we come across. As Jesus clearly said, no true believer hides their light under a bushel or basket, they display it boldly for all to see.

Would we have the guts to stand on street corners with Gospel signs warning all who pass by of the coming judgment? You know instead of taking a trip to Disney land or a fishing trip or a golf outing? Would our interests change away from these temporary, worldly pleasures and to toward Eternity?


Would it be abundantly clear to all people who know us that we belong to Christ? Belong so completely that nothing of this world matters? Or do we simply work the works of "church" when in the presence of church sponsored events to be seen of fellow so called believers? You know, fit the Lord's business (according to men) into our busy entertainment schedule.

These Martyrs died because they actually did abandon the world and all its trappings to follow Christ. They were murdered for Christ because they would not stop warning people night and day with tears, just as Paul exampled.

They looked past their lives on earth to a Heavenly country. That is saving faith my friend.

A watered down false Gospel of mental accent always needs reassurance. It needs reassurance because the person knows deep down in their heart that they don't truly believe. Not like any example in the New Testament believed: the Apostles, first church, the Hebrews faith hall of fame or the martyrs. Is there another way to truly believe? 


Sure, they like the thought of a get out hell free prayer. They like the thought that Jesus paid it all and all they are told that they have to do is say they believe it, modify their lives a little bit to fit new religious rules and practices into it. Where is this Gospel found in Scripture? Did Jesus say anything like that? Do any of the Epistles really say this? Or are we inoculated to what they really say in context and in reference always to the Gospels?

So the question for today my friends is this: Is saving faith the kind that produces those who are willing to and will strive as their only goal in this physical life, to be like Christ and live like a martyr? This is how the Apostles, disciples and first church after Christ lived. Having no stake in the temporary things of this world. You know, the results of saving faith that the Lord Jesus Christ preached? No man having put his hand to the plough and looking back at the world is fit for the Kingdom of God. Remember Lot's wife.

No one putting the hand to the plough and looking back at career enhancement is fit for the Kingdom of God.

No one putting their hand to the plough and looking back at nice cars and nice houses and how to work longer hours to get them is fit for the Kingdom of God.

No one putting their hand to the plough and looking back at sports and entertainment is fit for the Kingdom of God.

Or is there another less intrusive type of saving faith? You know like the kind that litters even self-proclaimed "fundamental" churches in these last days.

Can anyone find where Jesus said there was a way to believe that did not result in abandonment of all things temporary in this world? Don't believe me? Then show yourselves where Jesus said that in the Gospels. Not the out of context passages from the Epistles that appear to claim a less intrusive type of saving faith (but they do not in any way mean that in context and they always refer back to the Lord's teaching in the Gospels).


Satan's preachers, authors and commentators have turned the true Gospel into a cheap cost- counting gospel and most who have been brainwashed by these wolves in sheep's clothing have believed into that. But what they haven't believed are the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ.


He said those who count the costs of saving faith, have none.

Most have been convinced since they first professed to believe that actually following Jesus is some additional bonus for the Lord reserved for the "best" of Christians and not for the average believer. When the truth is evident throughout the Gospels. They have been brainwashed into believing that the  Gospels are not for us, only the Epistles are. The Gospels are the foundation of the New Testament and all the New Testament Epistles reiterate and reinforce Christ's Direct Teachings. Stop allowing yourselves to be deceived. 


That living like Jesus said to live is not possible now so don't even think about it. Say you believe, stop drinking, cussing, watching filth, come to church, tithe, help around the church when your schedule permits and keep telling each other that you have eternal security. This is tare doctrine my friends and not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Do they have saving faith and regeneration from it OR did they find religion in "another" Jesus' name?


Possibly a patriotic, political Jesus?; or perhaps a gun toting, 2nd amendment activist Jesus? Perhaps a list of new laws Pharisaical Jesus? how about the come as you are and stay that way Jesus? There are so many false Jesus' out there to pick from and no commercial, organized "christian" denomination on earth actually teaches the true Gospel of the Scriptural Jesus.


Seems every group has a different one that they delude themselves into believing in. The Charismatics have theirs, the protestants have theirs, the fundamental baptists have theirs, etc...But few and far between are those to follow the teachings of the Scriptural Jesus.

Jesus said that if we believe on Him that we will show Him by losing our interests in the temporary.


Assurance of salvation and resting in eternal security can only come from that. It will never come from the attempted convincing by others. Study the Gospels and then go straight to I John and study it prayerfully and make double sure you actually are "in the faith".

Jesus asked the same question many times: How can you say Lord, Lord and DO NOT the things that I say? How can we live 80% of our life in pursuit of temporal, worldly things and still delude ourselves with a made up fantasy called "eternal security"?

What, because you repeated a prayer and everyone convinced you that you had saving faith?

Please do not confuse this with a works gospel. Faith must come first but if it is real faith, you will want to follow. If it is not saving faith, you won't want to follow so ask yourself what it is specifically that you "believed"?


If one has any other goal in life apart from Christ-likeness then according to Jesus, you couldn't have Scripturally believed that Christ sacrificed Himself for you. Not like the New Testament believers did.



You couldn't have Scripturally believed that you were spared from everlasting torment in HELL where you would have weeped and wailed and gnashed your teeth for ever and ever. 


Ask yourself right now, do I truly have saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? Or did I simply trust in a part time religion with a get out of hell free prayer in Jesus' Name?

Saving faith means that you understand now why you exist and that existence has nothing to do with this fake world system's culture and priorities. Saving faith means that you are ALL IN. If you are not ALL IN, then you are ALL OUT. God hates the lukewarm because they counted the temporary worldly costs of their belief in Him. They are Tares and not His Wheat. He will spit you out of His Mouth and you will hear with most: I never knew you, depart from Me, ye wicked into everlasting fire.

Follow this Bible study and you will know for sure (if you really want to know for sure).

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