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Are you a disciple of Group Think or Christ?


It is always easy to see who is indoctrinated into an extra Biblical system of belief or what I call "group think" among “Christian circles”. Whether reformed, charismatic or dispensational, our Lord refers to these as “sects”. The central theme is always that of the better and smarter men from the past, 300AD - Present who must have known things that no one else can figure out without the "help" of their self-concocted "systems" of belief.


Arguments are made that because my group think originated earlier than your group think, then my group think must be accurate. God disputes these claims with multiple passages of Scripture demonstrating apostasy among so called believers as early as our Lord’s earthly ministry. The Epistles warn repeatedly of false teachers and prophets with damnable heresies during their time. The age of lies never changes them to truths.


You can tell them by their fruits. They say they defend the Scriptures and the faith when in reality they defend their own pride in their belief system. Their arguments all lead to the inevitable ending of “I am too smart to be duped so it must be you who are duped”.


The reality is that all sects are duped. Let me explain:


So we must ask ourselves the question: Am I believing, teaching and preaching to be the “look at me” greatest among us OR am I faithfully following the Lord as a servant to all, by teaching His Word with patience?


Titus 3:2-4 2To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men. 3For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. 4But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, 5Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;


If your thoughts are of God and others reject your thoughts, so be it. Your business is to preach the Word, the listener’s business is what they do with it. All will be judged by God.


So, you think your “group think” is more accurate than the others “group think”, huh?


I have a challenge for you:


Follow this plan and God guarantees you will leave your sect and your faith will become unshakeable. Read this page right now and then come back here: Bread of Life

Force yourself to give God two hours a day secluded without distraction, listening with prayers for the Spirit's understanding and an open heart to the Spirit. I know some feel the KJV is difficult to understand, but what I am telling you honestly is that when you listen to God's Word, you start to understand very quickly words you have been told are obsolete, hearing their context reveals their meanings quite easily in your heart. The grammatical sense and structure along with context become incredibly clear to you far more so than when you simply read.

Start with the Gospels in order, then repeat at least 5 times before you move on. This will not take much time if you stick to a schedule as mentioned, you will understand the Old Testament at this point like you never imagined. Then go onto Acts and repeat it 5 times, then the remainder of the NT in order but hold off on Revelation until you have listened through all Epistles 5 times. Revelation will be far more understandable for you by this time. Once completed repeat the entire program again in the same order over and over. Do this for a year and you will never want to stop.
**Important footnote: if you find yourself being distracted while listening, stop and regroup until you can without distraction. This is not a “check” the box religious exercise such as a daily Bible reading plan that the tares are taught to do. This is for those who truly are seeking God’s truth directly from God as He promised.


Then go back over the where you left off undistracted with an open heart wanting to learn from God. You will find yourself rewinding and taking notes often like a scale has been lifted from your eyes (and yes I am talking to proclaimed by me, born-again believers, most especially those thoroughly indoctrinated into a sect including seasoned seminary trained Doctors of ministry.

When you start you will have to make yourself do it, but something wonderful will happen quickly, you will start to learn the things of God you have never caught yourself nor heard any pastor or speaker say previously. Once this happens you will get hooked and you will grave this time to listen because now it is God talking to you. This goes for everyone. Doesn't matter what your "maturity" level is as a believer, this will bring anyone closer to God and His Truths without men's opinion's. If you pray for the Spirit to shed light with an open heart, you will need no man's explanations anymore....ever.

Man should not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. These passages will take on an entirely new meaning to you and you will have faith exponential to before. If that weren’t enough, you will also start understanding God’s Will without the traditions and opinions of men. False teachings that you have clung to for so long will be exposed authoritatively. Not only will any doubt of your salvation leave you permanently (for those who constantly seek assurance of salvation or doubt their security), you will find that most of the writers you used to revere in the past now seem to be spiritual toddlers speaking baby talk. It will sound like vain babbling now. You will never waste another dime on their merchandise. You will realize egregious errors, holes and inaccuracies in their teachings from now on. Something theology from any seminary can never give you. A seminary will only teach you their particular “group think”, they cannot teach you of God. Only the Word and the Spirit can do that.


A couple of side effects will occur once you get hooked on God’s Word like this. It will become increasingly difficult to find like-minded believers after you have saturated yourself in His Word like this for a year or two. In addition, you will come to the realization that no true to the NT local churches exist in your area now nor have any existed in your lifetime that you would know of. 


The home church has always been underground and God's only remnant since the first century. All organized "religion" regardless of sect name, is and has always been apostasy and originated out of the Roman Catholic Heresy.

Any man since the first century who attempts to rule over local pastors by influence outside of their own local assembly is an apostate having no place in the NT Scriptures (apart for exalting themselves). After the deaths of those who actually were directly gifted by God or gifted by an Apostle, the gifts ceased as redundant and irrelevant. Why, because of the pouring out of the Spirit over all flesh and the completion of the Written Word, the gifts ceased along with all signs and wonders. God promises His Spirit will guide us in all truth now since all directly called and gifted men are long since in Heaven.


You short change yourself by following men's understanding of God. God wants to know you and you to know Him and this cannot happen under any sect's system of belief or under any nicolaitan hireling's private interpretations.


The vast majority of so-called "christians" have been indoctrinated to believe that Christians must have human masters to spiritually rule over them, replacing the Spirit with their "group think" system of belief. Sadly, protestant sects left little behind in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) apart from some pagan hats, pagan statues, pagan smoke and "holy" water. The outward signs of leaving the RCC hide the Spiritual signs that they brought with them out of RCC. They left the pope but replaced him with their new leaders. They left the pointy hats but kept the pagan dresses. They left infant baptism to replace it with older infant baptism, etc. It is all Nicolaitan to God and He Hates it.


Don't you see, all that the protestant false teachers really left behind were some "trappings" of the Roman Catholic Church. The nicolaitan rulership from which all false doctrine has always come from came right with them as they started their own sects. Satan saw and conquered. He managed to use men's pride to maintain the delivery method for apostasy created by satan's roman catholic heresy. Having convinced the lost and spiritual babes that men are to rule over them spiritually satan has inserted every possible twist in truth to keep the "religious" dead in their trespasses and sins. The reformation was of little consequence to satan's plans.


Burn your books from men friends, they have lead you far astray and it matters not what "sect" you are in. 

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