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What and who is the synagogue of Satan that God references in the end?

Jesus warned of them and their worldly treachery:

Jesus called them out for who they are. Outwardly pious but inwardly rotten to the core:

Jesus refers to them in the end as Satan's worshippers and not His:

God's end days reference to the Rothschild's "modern" state of Israel is as Sodom and Egypt.

The Lord clearly laid out genealogies in Scripture. These genealogies are provided in specific details for the clear reason to understand the difference between His people and Satan's counterfeits in the end. This same reason is why the Lord refers to those in the end impersonating Jews as the synagogue of Satan. These who say they are Jews but are not comprise the vast majority of those called "Jews" in the last days.

Very revealing how our Lord uses the term "synagogue" for the servants of Satan. Synagogues were a Babylonian construct, mirroring the pagan structures housing the Babylonian false "gods" made with men's hands. There is only one mention in all of the Old Testament of "synagogues" and that was David's lamentation over the Babylonian captivity and the creation/destruction of synagogues in Babylon.

When our Lord came centuries afterward, synagogues were common place but were never of God. God gave instruction on only two buildings throughout all of the Bible. The Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Temple, nothing else.


**Important note about synagogues and tabernacles made with men’s hands. The synagogue and later, the "church building" are all pagan in origin. These buildings of worship provided to Israel during this captivity were to house their "new gods" (idols to Moloch and Remphan). Coming out of Babylon, Israel kept these synagogues making many "buildings of the Lord" which God hates and does not recognize in any way. The Babylonians made Israel houses of paganism to “worship” in. Interestingly enough, God turned His Back on Israel around the same time synagogues became a "thing".


Fast forward to the 4th century AD and you will see that "church buildings" only became a thing after the government sanctioned churches of Rome. God calls Rome, mystery Babylon. What is the mystery, that paganism infected God’s true church from Babylon, just as it did national Israel 1000 years before.

This paganism replaced the worship of God His Way in Spirit and in Truth. Miscegenating God’s true church with paganism, just as it did national Israel 1000 years before. Modern day Judaism and Christianity are two heads of the same snake.

Indeed, counterfeit Christianity came from Babylon just as counterfeit Judaism did. Come out of organized "Christianity" now while the getting is still good. It's pomp and circumstance with its grand architectures full of "images" and idols is of Satan's world and has nothing to do with God at all.

These rulers of darkness in high places are the imposters at the pinnacle of the synagogue who control 93% of the world's wealth. These are the horns of the beast and are not fully descendants of Shem (Semites). Semites are true Hebrews and Europeans, not these liars. Their predominant bloodlines descend from Esau and Japheth via Ashkenaz. Specifically Babylonian intermingled with descendants of Esau (Edomites, you know the term they label others as). Always projecting and falsely accusing. These intermingled Babylonians comprised most of the Sanhedrin of our Lord's Day. God saw that His Spiritually and physically pure nation of Israel was gone some 600 years before Christ even came and He deployed prophets to warn their leadership away from cross breeding and paganism back to Him. To no avail however.
This also explains why God gave the clear lineages of Jesus, Mary and Joseph to emphasize this "miscegenation" issue 2000 years ago.


The religious and political leaders of Israel took up pagan idols and turned their hearts away from the only True God to worship Moloch and to adopt idolatry in the form of the star of Remphan (commonly referred to as the star of David). God adjusted again and allowed their Babylonian captivity which marked the end of God's interventions among the other nations on Israel's behalf. God allowed these stiff-necked and prideful people to be taken captive by the Babylonians and Israel as a nation never recovered physically nor spiritually. Intensifying their bloodline intermingling with the pagans of Babylon and surrounding heathen nations for several hundred years effectively erasing the bloodline of God's pure people back to David, Jesse and Jacob. Those of a pagan (Babylonian) nation mingled among them become their rulers effectively hijacking their race and religion. 

Our Lord didn't even recognize Israel during His Ministry because or their continuous interbreeding with the heathen nations. In case you were wondering why our Lord emphasized lineage in the Gospels. True Hebrews traced back to David were not common even 2000 years ago. 


National Israel followed the way of Balaam for reward and not the Lord. They created their own delusional religion, rejected God's Truth as unprofitable for these; their false prophets and priests. Their made up false Judaism however was very profitable for their mammon loving fake priests and prophets. Sound familiar? Well it should because the Mother of Harlots has lead the "church" in the exact same direction during our time and the earth is about to be judged because of it.


After national Israel's rejection of the Messiah, God divorced and cursed the nation of Israel, covenanting a new and Spiritual ONLY kingdom on earth. This kingdom looks past this cursed earth and only to Heaven and Eternity. THIS IS THE NEW TESTAMENT.

Real Jews (Biblical Hebrews) descend only from Jacob's lineage through David. Only a very small remnant of those remain today. These are those who do worship God with a pure heart. Doubtful that you are I or anyone we know has ever met one but they do still exist and their spiritual and mostly physical bloodlines remain pure. They will believe and follow our Lord's Everlasting Gospel preached by the 144,000 and God's two main witnesses.


The lies appear when what God said and promised is misapplied to impostors. God speaks of a mere remnant of Jacob's lineage in the end. An ostracized remnant with zero political, financial or religious clout within their own land hijacked away from them. From that remnant alone will God restart His nation Israel after His Return and not before it. What is currently there ruling the promised land is not Israel and God will utterly destroy them all upon His Return.


Certainly you can see Satan there? What it produces globally is reprobation away from Jesus towards Satan so don't be so quick to ignore that. The modern day perversion of "Israel" is the world's Headquarters for depravity and reprobation.

God said clearly at the end of the Historical Records of the Old Testament that He would not heal the land and bless Israel until they repented and believed Him. Did they listen to Moses? Did they believe the Prophets of the Old Testament? Did they receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Messiah? No they did not. They instead, turned to Satan and away from God effectively cursing themselves by murdering their only true Messiah. They created with Babylon's help, a rabbinical religion of depraved men's opinions. Replacing the Bible with the Satanic Talmud.


Confusing the modern state of Israel before our Lord Jesus Returns with a Spiritual promise God made to Abraham is Scofield footnote doctrine, not Bible Doctrine.

A pure Hebrew nation will be restarted by God again. But only after our Lord Jesus' Return and the counterfeit Rothschild's perversion is destroyed. The Edomites and Yiddish gypsies posing as Jews who control it will be destroyed with it. A remnant of true Hebrews after the lineage of Jacob will be kept safe by God until then. **This is further explained a little later below.

God never said He would reestablish the nation before His Return. He merely said Jacob's lineage (remnant) would gather in the land promised to Jacob's lineage before His Return. There is a huge difference. Reconsider your support for unGodliness among Jacob. Supporting the current lie of "Israel" before our Lord reclaims it is in reality supporting the Anti Christ.


And take great caution in how vehemently you defend anti-Christs. And who is an anti-Christ? The impostors you vehemently support, that is who. They deny the Son and whosoever denies the Son, denies the Father who sent Him.


It becomes impossible to connect the dots of Scripture to historical events when the historical events being connected are propaganda from one side or the other and not truth. Convolution and confusion of faces is the goal of this propaganda. Now even the seemingly elect cannot distinguish between the synagogue of Satan and Jacob's lineage just as foretold.


The Rothschilds created the modern state of Israel (to cash in indefinitely on the holocaust). They certainly did not create it for Jacob's bloodline nor in any obedience to the Creator. They created in spite of the Creator. Robbing the western plebs blind and lining the pockets of political puppets in Israel, the U.S. and Europe for 70 years now. Their politicians are the "greatest allies" of our politicians in corruption and racketeering period. Among the long term goals of this fabrication socially engineering against the masses for seven decades is to force multiculturalism and global government upon world as clearly stated on the United Nations website.

Lord Walter Rothschild, also known as Baron Rothschild, is known to be a part of the most influencial banking and finance dynasty in history.
As a member of the influential family he was positioned in British Society and held leadership positions in Jewish organizations as well as being a key figure in the Jewish Community in Britain. (The Rothchilds: A Family of Fortune, 1973)
He was a big supporter of the Zionist movement which focused on establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. (A History of Israel: From The Rise of Zionism to Our time, 1976)
During WWI, Britain fought against the Ottoman Empire which controlled Palestine. Britain made several promises regarding Palestine’s future.
Britain promised support for an independent Arab state that would include Palestine in return for the Arab support against the Ottomons. This was known as the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence.
In 1917, a formal statement of British policy was penned by Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, to Lord Walter Rothschild.
"His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country." (The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of Arab-Israeli Conflict, 2010).

This letter called “The Balfour Declaration” was a reversal of the earlier promises of the McHahon-Hussein Correspondance as it supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


You see, all your political puppets on both sides get kickbacks laundered to them through U.S. taxpayer aid to Israel. Aid over the decades in hundreds of billions of your dollars. It is always the money, just follow the money. They are not about to let you plebs end that gravy train. This racket is what they mean when they say "greatest ally". To the political class thieves who rob Americans blind, Israeli politicians are of course their greatest ally in corruption.  Israeli "aid" makes them all filthy rich at the cost of you plebe's futures.


Israel is the second biggest money laundering operation in history behind NASA. The Ukrainian false flag operation is a distant third I suspect. 


There is zero ideological or strategic reasoning behind any of it. It is all cover narrative for the plebs to believe. Remember, evil in this world rarely exists apart from the love of money. It is nearly always just the money. That is how the business of satan works and business is a booming. In essence these greedy children of Hell have sentenced thousands of Israeli and Palestine plebs and peasants, including women and children to death to line their pockets. Oh, and your political class will murder every one of you for noticing too hard.


You see, your political class globally have figured out long ago how to lawfully steal you blind with every tax, fee and fine imaginable. After all, they make the laws. Then they figured out how to launder money through grants and aid without the people's consent. Then they created intricate networks of NGOs and non profits to launder the taxpayer dollars through, all on paper, sweet and legal like. Like an "evolution" of corruption and racketeering over the last century. To be a politician these days simply means to be racketeer. The corruption is bottomless.

The perfect breeding ground for global communism. Communism always works out wonderfully for the 1% and pretty darn good for their jackboots too. It is that pesky, hungry 90% that it sucks for.

That is right folks, these puppets are purchased with your tax money laundered to the robber barons through their various NGOs and non-profits. The 99% are paying for their own extermination and enslavement. You have no representation in government folks, none whatsoever.
Devil his due because he is quite clever.


The hijacked land of Israel exists for no other purpose whatsoever until our Lord Returns. Jesus calls it Sodom and Egypt in the end days for a reason. Those occupying this land fraudulently He calls the synagogue of Satan for a reason, but this alludes many because they cannot distinguish real from fabrications anymore. The dumbing down of western plebs over many decades has worked better than they planned.


Only Jesus will cleanse the promised land of these satanic impostors and restore Israel with a tiny remnant of true Hebrews after Jacob's spiritual line.

In the not too distant future and once the imposter "jews" are done assimilating or murdering Christians, they will be coming for the real Hebrews next. God calls it the time of Jacob's trouble. You see, Satan is THE counterfeiter and hates everything that actually is "of God". The small remnant of true Hebrews after Jacob's bloodline that still exists will flee to the mountains soon where God has a place prepared for them to protect and feed them 1260 days (42 months or 3.5 years). God will restart His true Nation (not this hijacked counterfeit) with this small remnant after He destroys every single last one of these wicked rich and all their armies of marked sycophants that are on their side.

First however, the synagogue of Satan will rerun their 1917 conquest of Russia. When the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia in October of that year, they immediately started a campaign to outlaw antisemitism.
They then proceeded to murder millions of Christians in cold blood over the next several decades, simply for being Christian. They often charged these poor peasants with Antisemitism. Seems the U.S. is about to pass the same type of legislation.  


The protesting against the Rothschild's perversion of Israel is being organized and funded by the synagogue themselves. Via George Soros and his various NGO's taxpayer laundering operations stealing from you goy plebs to fund your destruction. 


The synagogue needs these protests to become more violent so expect it. This is the catalyst to make any criticism of Satan's synagogue completely illegal world wide. They will have their noahide laws in place just in time to bring their Trump card back in.

Get ready "Christians" because soon enough even mentioning Jesus in a positive light will result in the loss of your head just like the Lord foretold. This entire protest effort is directed at you.

And this is not a backfire at all. This is all planned and going accordingly to said plan.


[1] Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.
[2] The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
[3] And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. (Genesis 10)

At this point in history I would say they are all currently in Palestine. No doubt mingled among the small groups that are anti-zionist. Their government hardly knows of them but what they do know makes them their enemies. They exist without a political organization or movement, largely underground from an advertising perspective.  

They will certainly be easy to spot once CBDC and Digital ID are the law of the global government, however. Like the true followers of Jesus earlier murdered for refusing it these true Hebrews will not accept their "mark" either.

Real Jews of the same human lineage as Jesus. They reject the "Talmud" as satanic and I am convinced that they know that they are not the same as the depraved reprobates that lead them in the areas of politics, finance and religion or the common talmudics all around them. I suspect they know which tribes they came from also. They will see the Digital "mark" for what it is and that will definitely make them stand out to all the other "jews" who will rush to get it without question.

God speaks of His remnant 
here and numbers them at 7000 who will not bend the knee to the image of Baal or Molech or Remphan. Note the context of the Chapter which reveals that He will use them to restart Israel and graft her back into the Tree of Life. Of course after He Returns and utterly destroys for eternity all of Satan's synagogue (worshippers) and their gentile sycophants with their armies.​

The synagogue's leaders know exactly what they are doing. They are many decades ahead of the plebs and have made their final play with the covid conquest of 2020. They won't be going backwards. Heck, soon they will be announcing their moshiach who happens to also become the installed global puppet of the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's New World Order.


I suspect they have no fear because they are confident they have won already. The globe's plebs are always reacting to them and their engineered calamities, wars, pestilence, famine, etc. Worse than this is the common plebs don't even know who the real enemies are. Even if they did, the plebs could never reach that high. All the jackboots work for them.

Take note however that the plebs of the synagogue will also be betrayed. Roughly half of them will die abruptly soon. All part of the Rothschild/Rockefeller plan to get their puppet installed. Once the armies surround Israel, they will prop up their boy. Their "peacemaker" and "divider of spoils" after the common plebs of the synagogue are slaughtered for a bit. They will find out hard and fast just how chosen they were. 

The October 7th false flag was merely a taste of the betrayal coming.







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