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Where do you get your understanding of current events occurring in the world in which you live?

To all believers of God's Word, The Holy Bible, whether a new believer or one whom has followed Christ for many years, you must understand this basic principle in God's Word. This principle is separation from the world's Godless ideologies. These reprobate ideologies are the foundation of every main stream media outlet on this planet. Whether television, print or online, 95% of the world's media is owned and controlled by the same small number of men. These richest men in the world do not want you to know the truth of what is really happening in the world around you. They want you to be brainwashed with their Godless narratives only. These narratives are designed to keep you from truth. These narratives are carefully crafted to remove the God of the Holy Bible from public view period.

In a world system controlled at the top by its "god" Satan (please see our related page explaining this), one must choose from a spiritual perspective which source of information to consider and which to reject from the start if one has any hope of seeing through the disinformation. The point I am making here is that the world's main stream media organizations are not news, do not promote facts nor will they prepare you to see the signs of the Day of the Lord approaching by Satan's careful design. You must realize this now and turn off your television news immediately and disregard all of this main stream media's associated artifact: Their websites, internet service provider new pages, email provider homepages, etc. Please realize that there are still independent, Christ claiming or at a minimum, reprobate ideology rejecting news sources of which you should be paying attention to. I explain the Spiritual reasoning why and list many of these sources farther down in the article..

Just as television used to be preached against because it allowed the "world's ideologies" into your living rooms so goes the main stream media right along with it and it all gets farther from God and His Truth daily. But the seemingly "elect" still believe everything they hear or read from it. It is quite amazing to me that some whom take great pride in their "theology" can't fathom nor discern that the world's news is Godless narrative just like Hollywood, the music industry, television commercials and programming.

All main stream "news" outlets support, promote and celebrate the satanic lies of Godless re-probation: Homosexuality, transsexual deviance, murder in the womb on demand, etc. The main stream media is Satan's "world" news in every Scriptural sense of it. Do you really think you are exercising spiritual discernment by trusting in these sources for any real journalistic news?


Here are but a few examples of the continuous brainwashing of lies that have been the main-stay of all main stream media regardless of venue for decades now and the re-probation just keeps piling on as the Day of our Lord approaches:

-Do you believe these main stream sources when they lie about the murder of children in the womb as not being people or being a woman's right?

-Do you believe these main stream sources when they lie about unnatural homosexuality as normalcy and being born that way?

-Do you believe these main stream sources when they lie about their "science" of multiple genders and not male and female only?

-Do you believe these main stream sources that lie and claim men can menstruate or get pregnant?

-Do you believe these main stream sources when they lie and claim biological men can fairly compete with biological women in sports?


The sources I provide in this article are opposed to all these reprobate agendas and frequently post real news with real facts and data in direct moral and scientific contradiction to them. Whom do you think our Lord would rather you get your "facts" from? Does that matter to you "christian"? 

True Christians whom follow the Lord in Spirit and in Truth as He commands must discern from God's Perspective (which is the only perspective any of us whom believe will entertain) where to find true current events and news from around the globe. Trusting these main stream media LIES posing as journalism is akin to getting your Bible (Spiritual) doctrine from satanists. Read that again my friends, it is truth.

Here is a short list of the biggest main stream media outlets whom brainwash the public with their reprobate narratives. All of which are in direct opposition to the God of Heaven: The Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, PBS, the New York Times, Time magazine, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, Wikapedia, etc. These are all owned by the same mega conglomerate companies which are controlled by the same small group of globalist billionaires whom own pretty much every major corporation in the western world today. The term "fake news" has been applied to these organizations by critical thinkers the world over.  These outlets provide few journalistic facts at all but rather far left, reprobate propaganda. The only reason much of the public believes these organizations as credible is because they control all the media and have become the household name for "news" for decades. These reprobates through unyielding repetition have cornered the market for news and demand they be taken at their word. The golden age of television is long over and it's real purpose for invention is now evident to all with eyes to see.


Shockingly, much of the public, including most commercial, organized religious denominations believe it all; hook, line and sinker without a ounce of critical thinking. These Godless main stream outlets all use the same scripts for repetition of lies keeping the minds of the public the captives of Satan. Or in other words: the gullible brainwashed by them.


Many whom claim Christ but are in truth "Tares" or weeds and not the true followers of Christ display a cult like worship of these reprobate narrative outlets. This is the boob-tube brainwashing real preachers used to warn against. Of course there aren't any of those preachers left anymore, these died off decades ago and were the last of the Philadelphian type of end days believers. All that remains in these last days before the Day of the Lord begins are the harlots of their Mother in Rome all aided by the Synagogue of Satan.

We cannot see the Day of the Lord approaching while our minds and hearts are the captives of Satan's governments and their main stream media's intentional disinformation. Those whom want to know what is really happening to the world today by Satan and all of his governments of the world must separate themselves completely from all main stream media sources and read these news sources with a critical mind daily:

Censored.News - All the news they don't want you to see

**This contains independent journalistic news from various outlets (some 30-40)


The Unz Review


The Gateway Pundit

Harvest News | Harvest News – Harvest Information


Now the end begins

Most of which are owned, maintained and written by true journalists whom left the main stream media outlets decades ago because they witnessed first hand the gradual change from investigative journalism to their network owner's Godless, reprobate narratives.


These independent outlets that encourage true journalism are always, by the way, referred to by Satan's "world news" as conspiracy theory sites. Those whom pay attention however, usually see the truth of their articles become so well known that the "worlds" main stream has to cover it. Sadly months later and after the damage of the main stream media's initial lies are irreversible. That is how the father of lies has always worked. Why don't you get that "christian"?


For news of spiritual Sodom or current day Jerusalem please see the links provided below. These are useful to stay abreast on the signs of our Lord's Day approaching. Be aware however to use spiritual discernment on these two outlets. What you should review these two sites for is news of a new Temple build, news of the Abraham Accords and also news of the False Prophet's final, fake, three-way religious abomination called "Chrislam" which is being currently perpetuated by the pope of the Mother harlot in Rome:

World Israeli News

The Jerusalem Post

For social media which contains many other direct sources of true news you will never see on Satan's main stream outlets nor on twitter, facebook or any other globalist censored reprobate media see Gab.com for truth that is uncensored:


Now that we are on the subject of truth. I want to also share faithful resources to God's Word that are few and far between in these last days of deception and great falling away:

His Perfect Bride


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