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This Website


Read this Website,

with an open heart.

It will change how you see things,

a new beginning and a new start.


Original True Words,

His Story, His Book.

His-story, the King James Bible,

Come listen and look.


Word for Word,

nothing sugarcoated or fake.

Please read with an open heart,

For yours and God's sake.

By Denise





The virus, the ignorance,

the fright, the fear,

Satan is winning for now,

the Beast will appear.


These are the signs,

one must think straight,

The Bible is clear,

this isn’t just fate.


It’s happening for a reason,

man is to blame,

leading us into temptation,

ending in hell, an everlasting flame.


Please don’t despair,

being faithful a must,

keep looking up,

to God, to trust.


What God has created,

has become infected, you see,

the world is failing,

like He said it would be.


It is becoming poisoned,

The signs of the end,

My hand on the plough,

Not looking back, my friend.


My eyes are open,

My works are by faith,

This is all an audition,

Till I’m in Heaven and safe.


Denise April 5th, 2020


The Cross


Jesus is my Savior

My Friend & my Light.

In order to walk with Him,

The devil I must fight.


The Cross is His Symbol,

The stumbling, the fall.

Death, resurrection,

The suffering for all.


I know there's a House,

Its called Heaven, you see.

Just live for Him,

And it's waiting for me.


This world is in shambles,

As I struggle to do best.

Keeping in mind,

Not to live in my flesh.


I love you dear Lord,

Don't know what to do.

Trying my best,

To live for just You.


I see You in everything

And believe in my heart,

You have always been with me,

From the very start.


I know my mission,

I can't step away.

The Spirit is in me,

Forever to stay.


I'm spreading yourWord,

Its why I am here.

And when they come for me,

I'll be strong and not fear.


You suffered for me,

Now I will suffer for You.

You died for me,

I will die too.


Please Bless me richly,

I'm trying hard to avoid wrong.

I can't wait to see you,

And will strive to stay strong!



Your believer always,


October 8, 2019

Before it is Too Late


My whole adult life,

I have lived in sin,

Not knowing any better,

But always believing in Him.


Repetitious religion,

The same old faces,

I was seeking God,

But in all the wrong places.


Then someone special,

Started planting the seeds,

Now the flowers are growing,

Doing away with the weeds.


I was born again,

This time it was right,

Like being blind,

Now I have sight!


We will all be judged,

So please don’t wait…

Come to Jesus my friend,

Before it’s too late.


A believer’s Poem


Denise, November 7, 2019



C - Christ, Cross, Call, Caring, Comfort, Courage, Coming

H - Healer, Heaven, His-tory, Honor, Hope

R - Redeemer, Rapture, Renewal, Reign, Return

I -  Immortality, Influence, Innocence

S - Savior,Sacred, Selfless, Sinless

T - Trinity, Trust, Truth


Denise, November 24, 2019



My Lord and my God,

You are all that I trust,

Living for you,

Is everything…A must.


When you’re saved, you see,

You are certain for sure,

Sin closes your heart,

But salvation opens the door.


You will never second guess,

Where you will go in the end,

If you are truly saved,

You already know this, my friend.


The streets will be gold,

There will always be light,

The temperature will be perfect,

The SON will shine bright.


It will never rain,

But everything will be lush,

No one will be in a hurry,

No one will be in a rush.


A Glorified body,

Everything will be new,

No more aches nor pains,

He does this for you.


Treasures in Heaven,

Is what we will earn,

Living for Him,

Should be our only concern.


A place called home,

Is what It will be,

New Jerusalem it’s called,

Waiting for me.


Denise, January 10th, 2020

What is being saved?


Saved from hell and forgiven of sin,

The Spirit is alive and lives within.

Don’t be fooled by some cheap prayer,

Bowing your head and thinking that is fair.


The Good Seeds must be planted and the heart must be right,

You will see things different like having new sight!

Your eyes will be wide open and things will be clear,

You will want to change without having fear.


God made each one of us to be His friend,

Accepting Him as your Saviour is where it will end.

The past is erased and your soul will be on fire,

You will live for Christ with will and desire.


You will be born again the start of a new you,

The slate will be clean you will feel brand new!

It is not about good works or doing good deeds,

Our job being His it to sow the Good Seeds.


Draw near to God and He will draw near to you,

You will want to live for Him like He wants you to.

Having reassurance and real piece of mind,

It will all be worth it leaving this temporary life behind.


Denise, February 1st, 2020

Lost but Found:


Hank is my name,

Sniffing is my game.


Neglected and beat,

I felt confused,

Burned with cigarettes,

I was ignored & abused.


I started to run,

until I was found,

My nose was leading me,

You see, I am a hound.


But one lucky day,

Some nice man picked me up,

He was kind to me,

in an old pickup truck.


I was soon adopted out,

to find a good home,

It was time to settle,

and never again to roam.


This lady you see,

was in love at first sight,

my soulful eyes,

didn't put up a fight.


She took me in,

with a big open heart,

I knew I loved her,

from the very first start.


You see, I'm a hound dog,

and I cry all the time,

I never want her to leave me,

so I just start to whine.


She has this companion,

and he loves me as well,

He talks & is kind to me,

He likes me I can tell.

I know I'm the lucky one,

I have finally found peace.

Love, comfort and my mommy,




Denise, March 1st, 2021





Time is critical,

in this world today.

It's only temporary,

We aren't meant to stay.


God sees outside of time,

knowing all we can't see.

We have no control,

The way He wants it to be.


Time is for every purpose,

everything and every season.

Time is to be used wisely,

to serve God is the reason.


Our time here should matter,

in all that we do.

It's like an audition,

until we are made new.


The Lord will come soon,

so waste not your time.

Sudden destruction is coming,

prepare for the signs.


Like a Thief in the night,

only time will tell.

For what is your life,

if you're heading to Hell?


Look not for man's answers "Christian",

Your life has little time.

It is like a vapor,

appearing for a short time.


Time is of the essence,

so make sure things are right.

Don't live like you are blind,

live like you have sight! 


Where does time go?

We all seem to say...

Asking for forgiveness,

is heading the Right Way.


Just remember what time we are in,

I warn you don't fear.

The time is now close,

that our Saviour will appear.


Denise, May 30, 2021

The Spirit:


To be complete,

you must have all three.

Physical body, soul,

and the Spirit, you see.


The first two we were born with,

the Spirit we must seek.

But when our hearts are open,

this makes us complete.


Begging for forgiveness,

and asking to be saved.

The Lord will forgive you,

and your sins will be waived.


When the Spirit is within,

you will feel something new.

You know things are different,

the beginning of a new you.


You become alive,

and  follow the Light.

Having been blind,

you now have clear sight.


The Spirit will never leave you,

You'll know right from wrong.

Praise the Lord in your heart,

and sing Him a new song!


The Lord's Spirit will guide you,

and always lead the way.

Just live and walk with Him,

and you'll never go astray.

By Denise

June 26th, 2021

Wake Up!


As the world turns ugly,

and right is now wrong.

Don't give in Christian,

or allow to be strung along.


We all know what is coming,

the test is our fear.

Wake up Christian,

Eternity is not here!


Do you think this world will get better,

or this ugliness will go away?

Wake up Christian,

this deceit is here to stay.


Why save your physical life,

so you can go to hell.

The Lord sees our hearts,

in the end, He can tell.

When we rebel against God,

we end up in a dark place.

Don't you want to live for Christ,

and feel His Warm Embrace?

I'm praying for your soul my friend,

that you see the light.

Please don't choose darkness,

but choose everlasting light.

Remember, you must be born again,

to be saved.

Trust ON Christ as your Lord and Savior,

and all your sins will be forever waived.


Wake up Christian,

prepare for the worst.

The Lord our Saviour

always comes first.


Looking up from hell,

with everlasting flames.

You will ask yourself,

what did I gain?


Wake up Christian,

and die for our Lord.

Don't seek to prolong your existence here,

prepare to die by the sword.


There is a new home called Heaven,

the Lord awaits us there.

He is waiting for you,

with tender loving care.

(II Timothy 3:12)

By: Denise

July 28, 2021




Just ask for forgiveness,

and Jesus will forgive.

It is the beginning of your salvation,

the only reason to live.


We are all sinners,

but this is how it begins.

You ask for His forgiveness,

and He will forgive your sins.


How tender is His Mercy,

That is what He has given me.

His sweet forgiveness, 

has helped me to finally see!


Can you live with yourself?

Not feeling loved?

It is not hard to ask forgiveness,

from our Saviour above.


Please don't wait my friend,

He will hold your hand.

Ask for His forgiveness,

He will understand.


Walk with Him and talk to Him,

we are the salt of His earth.

Just being His friend,

grants us His Worth.


I know I am saved,

I know why I am here.

I've begged His forgiveness,

and I know my Lord is near.


I hope you understand,

I hope it seems clear.

Don't die in your sins friends,

in hell and in fear.


Ask Him for forgiveness,

and get things right.

For when our Lord soon Returns,

Only we saved will see the Light. AMEN


By: Denise

August 8th, 2021

End Days


Please don’t despair

Or give in my friend.

It’s the world as we know it,

The beginning of the end.


The destruction, chaos, lying and deceit,

Things will become worse

So stay strong Christian,

In earthly defeat.


Everything is ugly,

Nothing is the same.

So hold your head high,

And don’t live in shame.


The end days are closer,

As a believer, I stand strong.

I know why it is happening,

I know right from wrong.


So don’t die to self,

As the end days are near.

Only the saved will see,

Their Savior appear.


Living for Jesus,

Who died in my place.

His pain and suffering,

My sin and His Grace.


If you save your life here,

Thinking you will see light.

You will end up in darkness,

Where there is nothing bright.


When our Savior Returns,

Will He be disappointed or proud?

For only His faithful,

Will be caught up in the cloud.


Please don’t be afraid,

Lose sleep and have fear.

It is all part of our existence,

And the reason we are here.


If you end up in hell,

Then ask yourself why?

I warned you my friend,

You made your choice, I did not lie.


As I sit outside,

And look up above.

My Lord looks down upon me,

With compassion and Love.


I end my day

Trying to sleep.

My mind is racing,

I try not to weep.


But I will live only for Jesus,

As the faithful are few.

The end days are upon us,

I pray this includes you.


By Denise

August 24th, 2021




He’s rearing his head,

Soon he will appear.

The beast and false prophet,

The end is soon near.


The “chip” will be required,

The mark of the beast.

Those wanting to live here

Will take it to say the least.


This is your chance “Christian”,

To make things right.

The Lord will come quickly,

As a Thief in the Night.


The warnings have been here,

Don’t say you are confused.

For the love of money

Is the grand ruse.


We all inherited knowledge of God,

From the day we were born.

Don’t pretend to be surprised,

Broken or torn.


This is your last chance,

To get all things straight.

Don’t let Satan win,

And enter hell’s gate.


Be steadfast, be courageous,

Be willing, be strong.

A truly saved believer,

Will know right from wrong.


I know the end days are coming,

But the Spirit knows best.

My Savior is coming,

He will take care of the rest.


The Lord has control,

In the end you will see.

Be the salt of the earth,

That He wants you to be.

By Denise,

Septempter 4th, 2021


God is the Creator,

of earth and Heaven.

He created all things in six days,

and rested on seven.


He was content,

happy and very pleased.

Then He made friends,

in Adam and Eve.


This was the start,

the beginning of time.

Everything was perfect,

intended for mankind.


2000 years later,

God wiped the earth clean.

Noah and his family,

were then the only ones seen.


The return of the dove,

with an olive leaf in her beak.

The flooding had ended,

now they must seek.


God destroyed the earth,

He wanted a fresh start.

Noah and his family,

had faith out of a pure heart.


Sin progressed,

God's heart had been torn.

2000 year later,

His Son was born.


God brought Him for a reason,

a warning for all.

His suffering for us,

to take away our great fall.


Are we following Him Christian,

Like He wants us to?

Begging for forgiveness,

becoming born again and new!


That was His Great Purpose,

with Will and Desire.

For us to be with Him,

and not in the Lake of Fire.


2000 years later,

we await His Return.

The lost will not see this,

their hearts will not yearn.


In God we trust,

why would you not?

He sees our hearts,

He can leave you to rot.


Who is God,

and what is His Plan?

To be His friends,

when He created man.


As the Day gets closer,

God looks down with disgust.

The world He created,

has turned to poison and rust.


So be the believer,

that He wants you to be.

God knows our hearts,

It's the only thing He sees.


For the wages of sin

bring death in the end.

Repent and be faithful

walk with Him and be His friend.

By Denise

September 11th, 2021



Fear is the feeling 

that we all have inside.

It's easy to express,

and not hard to hide.


We sometimes make decisions,

based completely on fear.

Just so we can feel better,

and live happily here.


Wanting to fulfill this feeling,

that we seldom hold in.

Fear of the Lord,

is to repent and no longer love sin,


Millions have been vaxxed,

thinking this is the route.

Sorry my friends,

that is not what it's about.


You see, fear of the Lord,

is where it must start.

Keeping your faith in Him,

and following His Heart.


If safety is your motive,

You've got it all wrong.

This fake world system,

has you stringing along.


Fear takes over,

then all safety is lost.

It's a test of your nature,

In the end, it will cost.


Do I fear what will happen,

when everything is wrong?

Of course I do Christian,

But I stand fast in Him and stay strong.


I am truly saved,

beyond measure & without doubt.

If you come to know Jesus,

you learn happily to do without.


Thomas Jefferson once said,

you loose freedom when you choose fear.

That is so true my friend,

If you choose this short life down here.

By Denise

September 25th, 2021



Real Climate Change


Beauty has always surrounded us,

intended for mankind.

What this world has become,

was not what the Creator had in Mind.


Oceans and lush lands,

the birds in the sky.

To watch them soar,

to watch them fly.


But something is different,

the clouds are all wrong.

The chemical trails are constant,

spread thick and long.


The air that we breathe,

the sun that brings light.

Everything is now weird,

even the moon at night.


Global warming? 

Think twice my friend.

Jets leave chemtrails,

every day like no end.


Common men are to blame,

It's what they want us to see.

Be more cautious how you live,

Is how they want us to be.


We are being sprayed,

Chemicals in the air.

It's been going on for decades,

but no one seems to care.


Our weather is controlled,

it will certainly get worse.

It is part of their plan,

and sin is the curse.


Symmetrical earthquakes,

the big Texas freeze.

It is only the beginning,

like a big tease.


Think about it friend,

take a look around.

Sunset doesn't look normal,

when the sun goes down.


It is very sad you see,

even the wildlife is confused.

You know what this is called,

It is the great ruse.


As I walked my dog,

looking up in the sky.

I became very sad,

and wanted to cry.


Above those fake clouds,

God looks down with disgust.

But I know His Plan,

with sincerity and trust.


So the next time a jet flies,

and you see the long trail.

Remember it is all planned,

and destined to fail.

By: Denise

January 4th, 2022



The Book:


Every sin that I mention,

are all in the Book.

If you have any doubt,

then read it and look.


Lasciviousness, lying,

cheating and lust.

Adultery, dishonesty,

greed and mistrust.


Stealing, coveting, lovers of self,

boasting, conceit and lovers of wealth.

Pride, anger, bitterness, blasphemy,

haters of God, jealousy and vanity.


But the greatest sin,

which truly sets you apart.

Is rejecting His Mercy,

and closing your heart.


The haters of God

will never see.

Happiness in the end,.

like they think there will be.


You see, if you ignore Him,

He will ignore you.

So you can stay dead in sins,

just as you want to.


Everything you want to know 

Is in the Book.

No longer act blind,

open it and look!

By: Denise

January 25th, 2022


If you forget God in your life,

you will remember Him in your death.


Live as you choose,

not thinking ahead.

You are physically here,

but your spirit is dead.


God's Truth has never been popular,

you know this to be true.

You should look around my friend,

is all this "normal" to you?


God will pour His wrath out,

for all who are still here.

The only one's missing,

will be believers who stayed dear.


Everything considered sin,

is being accepted as right.

Now sin will take over,

from morning until night.


But what do you care,

if you accept what is wrong?

You are just as evil and

are being strung along.


Our poor children being raped,

the corrupt government that we use.

Identifying yourself in questioning,

they want to brainwash and abuse.


All things taken for granted,

you are trained to go along.

Not me my friend because

I know right from wrong.


Think again about your life and

where you wanted to be.

God can read your heart,

in the end you will see.


God has all Power,

in Him you should trust.

But what this world has become,

He has watched with disgust.


While our Lord and our Savior

remains out of sight.

He will return unexpectedly,

like a Thief in the night.


If you follow Him,

you will see the signs.

He will remain neutral,

so read between the lines.

By Denise

March 21st, 2022



I warned you!


Remember this day,

as I warn you my friend.

The world that we live in,

will soon come to an end.


It's never too late,

for what you believe.

If you seek the Lord,

you will always receive.


We will all be Judged,

for this I know.

But if you are not His child,

your fear will soon show.


You have a better understanding,

if your life's purpose becomes clear.

Live for Jesus,

while your life is down here.


You'll be more prepared,

and you'll understand why.

You will see the signs

when it is your time to die.


Our job down here,

if you make things right.

Resist the temptation,

do not join in and fight!


Before it is too late,

think hard and think clear.

If you are a lover of pleasures,

your life has no purpose here.


A lover of God,

being born brand new.

This is how it shall be,

remember I warned you!


By Denise

May 17th, 2022


Most people associate angels dressed in white with wings,

Pure, sinless and among other beautiful things.


There was a war in Heaven and Lucifer was thrown out,

Pride was his sin and vanity no doubt.


You see God made him perfect, sinless and without flaw,

This angel rebelled and took a great fall.


He now rules this world with hatred in mind,

Testing our faith and turning away mankind.


He could have stayed the perfect angel but he wanted more,

The hatred for his Creator started the war.


You see, angels walk this earth, but satan rules,

If you don’t follow Christ, we are made to be fools.


We are to follow Christ and die for His Name,

If you follow satan, you reject why Christ came.


It is easy to sin and believe things that are wrong,

If there is no faith in our Savior, you are being strung along.


Remember, brothers and sisters, do what you see fit,

Live by satan’s rules and you will end up in the pit.


It’s a choice many will make….like under a spell,

Just follow our Lord’s Commandments and you won’t end up in hell.



July 5th, 2022


The Rainbow


I marvel at this beauty,

it takes my breath away.

The Rainbow is a Sign,

that was made to stay.


It doesn't represent pride,

or something in vain.

It represents a promise,

never to destroy the earth again with rain.


This symbol is a Sign,

made with Will and Desire.

No more floods,

He will now destroy the earth with fire.


Sin took over the earth,

the Lord spared just a few.

Forty days and forty nights,

and the earth was made anew.


With everything fresh,

a new beginning, new start.

The only thing judged,

is how He sees our heart.


Living for you my Lord,

there is no other way.

To serve you always,

we are willing to stay!


Dying for you Lord,

is for the wicked to take.

But vengeance is yours Lord,

as I sit back and wait......

By Denise

September 18th, 2022


The Heart 


Something we can't live without,

like a precious work of art.

A beautiful muscle,

the human heart.


It is the seat of your soul,

it stores how we really feel.

Like God's love for us,

it is genuine and real.


Your heart can be broken,

it can become hurt and weak.

It can become hardened,

then, it won't seek.


When our heart becomes corrupt,

the more we will do wrong.

If your conscience doesn't bother you,

You have been lost all along.


Having a good heart,

is not for give and take.

If you boast about it,

then it is nothing but fake.


Our love becomes deeper,

the more that we grow.

The more we love Him,

the more He will show.


Because He first loved us,

let us never forget.

Loving God before everything,

never ends in regret.


To truly witness,

eternal love.

Is to give your heart,

to our Savior above.


Guard your heart Christian,

put it in the right place.

It is the only thing our Lord looks at,

when we are Judged face to face.

By Denise

February 14th, 2023

Valentine's Day

My Daughter Grace

When I think of all things beautiful,

I think of my daughter Grace.

I am thankful for her Lord,

Every time I look into her face.


She is my light,

In this darkly lit world.

Like a rare gem,

She is a beautiful pearl.


Leading her to you Lord

Is the most important thing.

She is like a bird,

With a broken wing.


I have been planting seeds,

Praying deep prayers.

But her soul is focused,

On unimportant cares.


Help me dear Lord,

I fear she will wait.

She must inherit your knowledge,

Before it is too late.


The world is in shambles,

The signs are all here.

Knowing she will come to you,

Will end my biggest fears.


I love you Grace,

With all my heart.

Seeing you in Heaven,

Means I have done my part.


With eternal love,


June 23rd, 2023



What really is a Christian, 

one must know.

The more you follow Him,

the more He will show.


Being a good person,

or doing good deeds.

Bragging about giving,

just multiplies the weeds.


A follower of Christ,

is the answer my friend.

Truly walking with Him,

from beginning to end.


A Christian will act,

and answer with thought.

And remember His disciples,

and how they were taught.


When unsure how to answer,

or unsure what to say.

Ask yourself this....

What would Jesus say?


Nothing is more rewarding,

as a Christian will show.

The more you follow Him,

The more you will grow.


The answer is the question,

and is easy to tell.

Be a follower of Christ,

or end up in hell.


For those who choose to follow,

this is the worst life can get.

For those who choose not,

it will end in regret.


To someone who is lost,

this is the best life will be.

To someone who follows Christ,

It is the worst it will ever be.


May the Glory of God,

give you the right words when you talk.

And may He keep you safe,

in your daily walk.


Keep following Him Christian,

follow Him till the end.

For those that choose not,

get His Wrath in the end.


It's not too late,

He will show you how.

Be a follower of Christ,

and walk with Him now!


By Denise

July 5th, 2023





The Blessed Hope!

The evacuation of Christians,

grows closer every day.

I wait patiently,

for the "catching away".


The Door to Heaven,

is closing real fast.

Open your eyes people,

this world will not last.


Repent of your disbelief,

the "rapture" is near.

Stop living for this fake world,

walking in pride while here.

With a blink of an eye,

our Savior will return.

Those that aren't His,

will be left to burn.

Fear of the Lord,

is the beginning, my friend.

Fearing Him not,

is the beginning of your end.

Anxious, impatient,

but willing and strong.

I am prepared for the worst,

I will pray for the wrong.

Being snatched away by force,

by chosing life in the end.

All our sins, to be forgotten,

to heal and to mend.

Those that are His,

will find comfort at last.

Being caught up together,

quickly forgetting the past.

The dead in Christ,

will always rise first.

Then we which are His,

will forget the worst.

The choice is yours,

salvation is free.

Christ Himself shall descend,

The Blessed Hope it will be.

By Denise

September 26, 2023

Darkness in high places


Not a single person

in this world within,

is without pleasure,

is without sin.


Sin is sin,

no matter what the case,

but it can be forgiven,

excused and erased.


The ugliness of sin

is at its height.

Pedophilia, trafficking 

is disgusting and not right.


The rapists, the killers,

the sinners all along.

The lost wearing blinders

accept what is wrong.


How can this happen?

How can this be?

Why is the world so ugly?

It is sin, you see.


Your past can be erased

and it can set you free.,

Jesus died on that Cross,

for you and for me.


Salvation is offered,

free at no cost.

If  forgiveness is not asked,

then you will always be lost.


Satan rules this world.

Sin is his name.

But walking with faith,

you can resist his game.


The sting of death

is to die in your sins.

If you don't seek forgiveness,

then Satan wins!


You see, the rejection of Christ

is unforgiveable to live.

but the forgiveness of sin,

is His to give.


May the pardon of sin

rule in your heart.

But the rejection of Christ

keeps you apart.


My dear Lord

your revenge will be sweet.

There is only one to fear....

And He will defeat.


As He remains on His Throne,

where He will always stay.

May you call on His Name,

or live in moral decay.

By Denise

January 5th, 2024



Lovers of themselves

bare nothing to hide.

The Lord hates vanity

as many walk in pride.


Vanity is a sin

it grows worse every day.

Man's days are as a shadow

that grow darker each day.


Their days are consumed in vanity,

the laughter of the fool.

puffed up and proud,

this is their tool.


Through the lust of the flesh,

we bring forth sin.

Pride and vanity,

lie within.


We depart in His Light,

when we have a pure heart.

Living in vanity

we will depart in the dark.


If your works are of pleasure

and you do as you please.

Then vanity is at hand

an evil disease.


Worshiping yourself,

loving money and power.

Pleases Satan himself,

so he can roam and devour.


Satan was made perfect,

but then came vanity and lusts.

But forget his purpose,

it is in God we trust.


Take control of your heart,

push ugliness away.

For vanity is sin,

and it wants to stay.


Be content with yourselves,

accept what is within.

For vanity itself,

is a contagious sin.

By Denise

January 19th, 2024

The Grace of Christ


Does one know why

Christ really came?

Knowing that God & Christ

are One in the Same?


The Teaching of Christ's Life

is the most amazing Story.

But we won't acknowledge 

His Grace and His Glory.


He once sat on the Throne

to come lying in a manger.

Throughout His public Ministry

there was always danger.


No money, no possessions

or anywhere to lay His Head.

At the garden of Gethsemane

they forsook Him and fled.


On the hill of Calvary,

when He was nailed to the Cross.

None of His disciples defended Him,

they suffered heartache and loss.


But He had a Cross on which to die,

He was obedient unto death.

God has highly exalted Him

upon His last Breath.


Christ's self emptying

is beyond human comprehension.

The Tomb where He was buried

became empty after His Ascension.


The soul of every man

should know why he was forsaken.

He has to suffer for us

so His Body could be taken.


His Name is above every name

through His poverty we are not poor.

Through His homelessness we have a home,

to have everlasting life, we must endure.


To know the Grace of Christ

we must understand His loss

To have eternal life,

we must carry our own cross.

By Denise

February 18, 2024

The Dove

Let me share a story,

of a magnificent bird.

It's one that should be shared,

one that should be heard.


This feathered friend,

in all its might.

Is graceful in movement,

and beautiful in flight.


Some call her a pigeon,

others call her a dove.

But don't be mistaken,

she was created from love.


She is always a target,

because of her size.

I watch her and marvel,

as she takes off and flies.


The reason for her history,

is the sole of her foot.

She was sent forth by Noah,

only to return and stay put.


The dove found no rest,

the waters were too high.

So Noah released her again,

and she took off in the sky.


This time she returned,

it was evening and dark.

With an olive branch in her mouth,

she returned to the ark.


This was a symbol,

the flooded waters were no more.

As he released her again,

he watched her soar.


She is the presence of God,

sent from Above.

Innocent and harmless,

the symbolic dove.


What makes her special,

and sets her apart.

Was her purpose in Creation,

like a work of art.


She represents new beginnings,

purity, the Holy Spirit.

quiet innocence and hope,

you can almost hear it.


As I look out in my yard,

and remember His Word.

I get choked up,

at the significance of this bird.


The history of this bird,

represents our God Above.

She flies like a cloud,

the ever-peaceful dove.


by Denise

February 26, 2024

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