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The Cross


Jesus is my Savior

My Friend & my Light.

In order to walk with Him,

The devil I must fight.


The Cross is His Symbol,

The stumbling, the fall.

Death, resurrection,

The suffering for all.


I know there's a House,

Its called Heaven, you see.

Just live for Him,

And it's waiting for me.


This world is in shambles,

As I struggle to do best.

Keeping in mind,

Not to live in my flesh.


I love you dear Lord,

Don't know what to do.

Trying my best,

To live for just You.


I see You in everything

And believe in my heart,

You have always been with me,

From the very start.


I know my mission,

I can't step away.

The Spirit is in me,

Forever to stay.


I'm spreading yourWord,

Its why I am here.

And when they come for me,

I'll be strong and not fear.


You suffered for me,

Now I will suffer for You.

You died for me,

I will die too.


Please Bless me richly,

I'm trying hard to avoid wrong.

I can't wait to see you,

And will strive to stay strong!



Your believer always,


October 8, 2019

Before it is Too Late


My whole adult life,

I have lived in sin,

Not knowing any better,

But always believing in Him.


Repetitious religion,

The same old faces,

I was seeking God,

But in all the wrong places.


Then someone special,

Started planting the seeds,

Now the flowers are growing,

Doing away with the weeds.


I was born again,

This time it was right,

Like being blind,

Now I have sight!


We will all be judged,

So please don’t wait…

Come to Jesus my friend,

Before it’s too late.


A believer’s Poem


Denise, November 7, 2019



C - Christ, Cross, Call, Caring, Comfort, Courage, Coming

H - Healer, Heaven, His-tory, Honor, Hope

R - Redeemer, Rapture, Renewal, Reign, Return

I -  Immortality, Influence, Innocence

S - Savior,Sacred, Selfless, Sinless

T - Trinity, Trust, Truth


Denise, November 24, 2019



My Lord and my God,

You are all that I trust,

Living for you,

Is everything…A must.


When you’re saved, you see,

You are certain for sure,

Sin closes your heart,

But salvation opens the door.


You will never second guess,

Where you will go in the end,

If you are truly saved,

You already know He is your friend.


The streets will be gold,

There will always be light,

The temperature will be perfect,

The SON will shine bright.


It will never rain,

But everything will be lush,

No one will be in a hurry,

No one will be in a rush.


A Glorified body,

Everything will be new,

No more aches nor pains,

He does this for you.


Treasures in Heaven,

Is what we will earn,

Living for Him,

Should be our only concern.


A place called home,

Is what It will be,

New Jerusalem it’s called,

Waiting for me.


Denise, January 10th, 2020