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Welcome to all.

This Site is not about the recognition of people. This site is not an attempt to build a following of or to promote the name of any person. Nor is this website an attempt to intellectually stimulate but rather to provide the clearest, plainest language emphasizing God's Word without men's wisdom and vanity. The emphasis is God's Word and not my words. Please open all links within these pages and study the surrounding contexts.

Look folks, I am selling nothing on this website and do not accept donations. This website was created as a warning for all (especially the religious) to take great care with how you regard your eternal soul. Chances are the matter is far from settled with God and you must test your current condition/teachings/doctrines to see if they truly are from God against His Word. 

I spent over 30 years as a very religious yet phony "christian" after my profession of faith at the age of 22. I was convinced intellectually early on that I was "born-again" based solely on peoples continuous reassurance of my expression of belief. I was convinced of this by many well meaning but ignorant "christians" who repetitiously quoted plucked out of context passages in the New Testament Epistles to "reassure" me that I was born again of the Spirit.

I did not know it at the time but this brainwashing quenched the Spirit's true conviction in my heart. I accepted the lie of reciting a "sinners prayer" as some call it and ran with it like all do in these last days. My discipleship consisted of "bits and pieces" of out-of-context Bible reading schedules, how to dress "appropriately" as a christian, what activities of the world I could no longer participate in and what activities of the world I could still embrace. In reality, there is no difference between this "disciplining" and any religious instruction. It focused on religious will-worship over overt symptoms of sin but never Christ's teachings as He commanded in the great commission. Jesus was always relegated to the backdrop. Oh, He was always mentioned but never to follow by losing our earthly ambitions down here and conforming into His Image.

Unwittingly this brainwashed "will-worship" provides a cheap knock-off of the Spirit's Regeneration. Perverting the New Birth into simply a new set of laws. Always reassuring the other phonies from the pulpit in every single sermon no matter what the topic was.

Although this brainwashing included Bible reading schedules, the Bible was never truly the authority. The true authority was always the fundamentalist father's interpretations of God's Word. I wasn't interested in God's Word without men's lenses. I blindly used it as reference only for my "theology" born of men and never thought of It as the Living Water and the Bread of Life as God has always intended.

As my brainwashing continued I then accepted the phony "call to preach". All the while, the envy of great preachers and their popularity as "great men of God" was primarily what attracted me to it. I doubt the idea of being a servant without the elevation and title would have appealed at all to me then. If honest, almost all would make the same admission. I attended and graduated from the most fundamental of Bible Colleges fueling my fleshly desire to be admired as a great preacher of the gospel just like all the best known of the fundamentalist "fathers" before me. I was ordained by denomination Council of men into the Gospel Ministry as a Baptist in 1989. I became a mentee of the "great" preachers of my day and of the past; like Spurgeon, Moody, Ironside, Torrey, JF Norris, Rice, etc..

I took great pride in my "Biblical" discernment given me by the fundamentalist "fathers" before me. However, what I considered Biblical discernment was little more than man's discernment. In other words, I rejected any idea contrary to my brainwashing, regardless of the contextual Scripture presented. Like any good weed. I practiced men's elaborate interpretive systems of belief to bypass clear context and quench the Spirit's conviction over and over again for many years.

As the years went by I found myself avoiding contextual Scripture that did not match my preconceived doctrines of men. When I could not avoid these clear and factual passages I would retreat back to the traditions taught me of men, parroting their interpretive "loopholes" to hide behind instead of facing the facts God was trying to give me. These loopholes always consist of what I now call "verse salads" of plucked out and isolated passages from all over the Bible to circumvent our Lord's clear contextual teachings and maintain the narratives of men's tradition.


That is what started me down the path of God only and no more men's opinions. Please keep reading....


Had I truly been Reborn into a new man then God's Grace would have been sufficient for me. However, since I was not a new creature His Grace was never enough. Only God's Word alone could show me this.

I craved more knowledge in order to receive more recognition and a higher position among other "brethren". I wanted to be greatest among them so I studied all the teachings of man. Replacing communion with God's Word and Spirit with man's limited understanding. The more commentaries and lexicon's and sermons I studied, the more recognition I craved as a "great man of God". All the while, dead in trespasses and sins.

My personal life was still filled with the ambitions and cares of this Physical life. Hobbies and sports of all sorts as well as advancing and improving my position in this temporary life. You know all the supposed "clean" stuff without the "appearance" of sin. The lack of the Holy Spirit's presence manifested itself as I fell back into the world and forgot what manner of man that I was supposed to be. What other weeds ignorantly call a "backslider", our Lord clearly calls a tare. Backsliding as described in the Old Testament is not a New Testament term for a reason. It is quite impossible for the born again believer to turn from their belief. It is among the worst of misnomers frequently spoken of by tares.  

Everything changed in 2012. I began an experiment based on God's Word. God tells us that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It doesn't say by reading, it says by "hearing". I know, seems like a semantics argument but in reality IT IS FAR FROM IT.

At first I had to force myself to listen but it did not take long at all before I started hearing truths I had never heard before from any preacher or source. Quickly I became immersed in listening in prayer as dots started connecting and even the most self-proclaimed fundamentalist teachings were exposed by God's Word as false.

After a short few months of listening intently in prayer for hours a day, even while commuting, the crushing weight of the Spirit's conviction and my fake profession became clearer and clearer to me. You see it was context that became crystal clear in passages unlike anything I experienced before. In addition to context, listening prayerfully cross references Scripture in your mind 10 times more than before. What God taught me is that His Truth cannot be understood in "bits and pieces". God also showed me for the first time in my religious life that there is more than just immediate context to truly consider in forming real doctrines. What I mean is Verse (immediate), Chapter and Book context must all be studied and absorbed, then compared and correlated to other passages in their complete contexts. That is what listening intently will do for you as it did for me. Dots connect when complete context is heard uninterrupted. Listening intently for me changed everything.

I soon discovered that I, like most, had only been taught bits and pieces of God's Word, plucked out of context, isolated and declared "sound doctrine". I had been given a vaccine AGAINST the true Gospel of our Lord. I was brainwashed into religion in Jesus' Name, and not yet born again by the Spirit of God. 

Intently listening to complete context establishes a much more strategic overview of His Word. It connects dots and shows us the personality of God. He loves us more than anything He created but He alone makes the rules. He cannot be reasoned with apart from His Principles of righteousness. We have no power nor voice with Him unless we see things His Way. We cannot see things His Way until you seek His Truth out of pure hearts. 


Listening to Him in complete context forced me to realize that I had merely added religion in Jesus' name to my life, made the symptoms of sin less noticeable outwardly and followed the preaching from the pulpits. This went on for over 30 years. Nearly every supposedly Bible-based doctrine I had been repeatedly taught by men started to unravel as fiction. Leading the pack of apostasy is the fake "gospel" of a fictional "jesus". What God's Spirit taught me through listening first and foremost is men's outrageous audacity to proclaim any other person as born again. The Spirit's stark reality hit me: Every person proclaimed saved by men ARE TARES created by tares - just like I was.

The Spirit's witness with their spirits does not exist. Only religious brainwashing does.


The new birth cannot be witnessed by others according to God, only the affects of regeneration are noticeable to others. The new birth is intimate and personal between a believer and our Lord and cannot be dictated, reinforced, witnessed or proclaimed by others. No where in Scripture is reassurance ever given to any believer by men. Nor is any person ever declared saved by men. Only our Lord made any declaration of this sort.

The Spirit showed me early on that this cheapened "gospel" of these last days in which salvation is proclaimed but disciples are never made is a counterfeit gospel not contained in contextual Scripture. Plenty of preachers are produced however (due only to the allure of the flesh) but no crucified with Christ disciples. 

Our Lord taught in His Gospels and reiterated throughout the New Testament that only those whose Spirit's desire is to overcome the world as HE DID are truly His. Christ's Example is the antithesis of the natural man. Not resisting evil, not rendering railing for railing, not taking up arms, turning the other cheek, giving to all who ask, meekness (the absence of ego), mercy, peacemaking, etc. This is the Spirit of Christ. If that isn't you yet then get busy and get away from the noise of the harlots and their adulterous, convoluted teachings. Focus only on his Word while there is still time and there isn't much time left. Stop counting the costs in this soon to end world. Those with ears to hear, let them hear.

This website is the product of ten plus years of only God's Word and God's Spirit unadulterated by men's apostasies. The purpose of my own writing on these web pages is to demonstrate the drastic differences I can now see compared to what I had been previously taught by "men of God". Initially, what you read on these pages will seem foreign to you and wrong based on your teachings from men. However, the longer you listen intently and only to God's Word, the more you will understand these pages. Trust me friends, listening only to God in these last days is YOUR ONLY HOPE of Heaven. Only God's Spirit can break through the wall of false indoctrination you have lived and show you His Truth. As you browse these pages you will not see exhaustive commentary from me. What you will see in my remarks are the cross-referencing "dots" being connected. Each note either establishes or reinforces the cross references that listening intently and prayerfully to the Scripture in its complete context has provided. Showing you how listening to His Word alone will reveal His Truths and shatters the traditions of men by which the vast majority today have been deceived.

You will start to see the bigger picture, you will start to understand Him, you will see things you never imagined. You will be able to explain His Meanings from a strategic viewpoint. You will even learn the answers to questions you previously didn't even know to ask. 

It can't be explained, it has to be experienced. 

If you are truly seeking God and His Truth, you should follow the listening instructions  provided on our main page and our Listen to God page. You will start to understand when the Spirit does renew your heart and mind through hearing His Word. This however, hinges solely on your desire to really know the truth. If you follow this plan as God clearly wants, you will receive within months 10 times the Word of God in your heart than you did in all of your previous religious life regardless of how long you have attended "church" and listened to "sermons".

That and that alone is the central issue and problem. The typical sermon among modern day christians regardless of sect contains less than 5 minutes of actual Scripture versus 55 minutes of misguided commentary contradicting contextual Scripture. This commentary STEALS away His Word from your hearts and you never realized it. Like the pharisees of our Lord's ministry, these make the Word of God of NONE EFFECT with their tradition. Sermons of the early Churches were nothing but Scripture without commentary. Sermons of these last days are nothing but commentary  illustration, jokes and filler ignoring contextual Scripture outright whether labeled topical or expository.  Friends, you cannot know Life through men's commentary. You can only know Life by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God.

How serious are you about your soul? After so many decades of mixed signals and false teachings spread throughout the world, why did I, and why are you now still thinking you will find consistent truth from any organized sect or group? Jesus clearly said in the last days there would only be apostasy (false teachings) about Him and do not follow them. Flee these wolves in sheep's clothing while there is still time. 

It should be obvious my intent in providing this website. Stop allowing yourselves to be deceived by men. There is little time remaining to get this right people.


Your only hope at this point in history is to take the matter of your eternal salvation into your own hands. Men will only deceive, they are the blind leading the blind by careful design in these last days. Even the most fundamentalist of them are inoculated from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now to the offended: I gain nothing by creating this website from a worldly standpoint. I gain no name, no fame, no notice whatsoever. I designed it this way for this reason. There are no "men of God" left in this age, only servants. Real persecution will begin soon and the vast majority of so-called believers will be offended. Do not be among them friends. Listen to God through His Word and His Spirit will teach you the Truth. The Truth which has been hidden from you. He promised His Spirit would guide men in all truth so fire the middleman who deceives you. Get away from these blind guides, corrupted by the mammon and traditions of their denominations/sects or cults and learn His Word through His Spirit directly.


Find it out for yourself while you still have time and listen to God as I laid out. Real saving faith will result, this is GUARANTEED BY GOD. I could care less if you believe anything I say right now. My only goal is to convince you to listen only to God. Throw away men's writings, commentaries and sermons. Stop being fooled by the "god" of this world. Satan's goal has always been to prevent the transforming power of God's Word and His Spirit by distortion (apostasy) since the Garden of Eden. He successfully distorted God's Words to deceive Eve and Adam and he continues to this day.


LISTEN ONLY TO GOD. Use the Listen to God's Word page of this website and follow the listening course I laid out in full sincerity to God.  Or write to me and I will send you a set of CDs. For the first time in your religious life you will start to understand the Word's transforming power.


What you do with this website is between you and God. My burden as among the few truly seeking to be disciples or followers of Christ left in these last days is to warn you. To warn you to flee the errors that are sending people to hell on a shutter in ALL sect's "churches"  today.

You are being lead astray with a false "gospel" from a false "Jesus". Everything from Catholic/Orthodox graven images and "Dead on the cross" Idols to gun-toting, patriotic fundamentalists whom worship their wills through the letter and not the Spirit. In between, there are the charismatic sects which mistake the Truth of God and His Spirit's presence and conviction with coincidence or emotion (always seeking a sign). Along with these sects are the protestants with their break-away emerging "contemporary" churches that proclaim the come as you are and stay that way fake "Jesus" who condones sin.  These are all anti-Christ in their teachings and practices.

Not one single sect (denomination or system of belief) which use the Name of Jesus, are following the Biblical Jesus in these last days. Causing the wide spread apostasy among ALL mainstream religious groups identifying as "Christian". None are exempt from this because all are in egregious error. We are witnessing first hand the "great falling away" from the truth of Christ's transforming Gospel. We truly are the last generation. If you have been repeatedly told by others that you are "born again" and have no interest in changing your stand, then read the page below before you seal your eternal fate forever:

Salt of the earth?

Nor is this website's purpose to tell you what your flesh wants to hear. It is not here to tell you that you will be OK by God because you simply said you believe. In all cases, this declaration comes without the Scriptural evidence of the new birth, the new mind and the new heart focused only on communion with God and building treasure in Heaven. Listen to me: IF YOUR HEART AND MIND ARE NOT FOCUSED ONLY ON EMULATING CHRIST'S TEACHINGS AND ETERNITY IN HEAVEN THEN YOU DID NOT DEMONSTRATE SAVING FAITH. THERE IS NO PART TIME CHRISTIAN IN SCRIPTURE RESERVED TO "WORSHIP" ONLY ON CERTAIN DAYS OF THE WEEK. God calls it being lukewarm and He vomits those out of His Mouth. A lukewarm "believer" makes a mockery of the new birth to God. God does not know anyone who does not actively desire to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed. Stop deceiving yourselves.


Other "Christian" websites will not warn you of Judgment almost here for all of us so-called "Christians".  The final seven years is upon us people, we are living in the last generation. The persecution that is about to begin on the industrialized world's "christians" will certainly distinguish the wheat from the weeds as Christ clearly foretold us. Make double-sure you are not brainwashed with religion in Jesus' name.

Nor will this website accept monetary donations of any type. This is simply me telling you what happened to me after I stopped listening to men and focused all my attention on listening to HIM.

Nor will there be any merchandising of God done on this website, ever.

IT IS ABOUT THE REAL CHRIST OF THE BIBLE and what He really says to us. Not the twisted perversions of today in all “Christ claiming” circles of religion.

In closing, please remember these points:

Satan has always hated God's unadulterated Word. His business is to twist and distort it as an angel of light and to have men draw disciples unto themselves and not unto our Lord.

This website is designed to show you the errors delivered by men from someone who has studied the backgrounds, beginnings and traditions of nearly every "christian" denomination, sect and cult that exists today. 


After 30 plus years deeply entrenched in organized, fundamentalist religion I started to seriously question why there are so many camps, sects, denominations and cults out there whom all claim Jesus Christ as Savior and the Bible as their final authority in all things. While at the same time agree with each other on very few issues.  Each group claiming they have the corner on the truth. I decided to act on this question and find out for myself what God is truly saying to us. As you can see from the 70 plus pages created so far, the results of my experiment were astounding. 


God's pure Word unadulterated by men's tradition will do wonders for you. Listen intently and force yourself to set aside your indoctrination. It really works and it will work for anyone, that is God's True promise to us in His Word. Men's opinions are not sharper than any two edged sword but His Word is. Men's opinions are full of error, His Word is not. He promises His Spirit would guide us in all Truth. If we are truly seeking His Truth out of a pure heart with no other agendas. Remember, faith comes by hearing the Word of God, not the opinions of those whom make merchandise of God.


This site is a work in progress so please check back frequently........


                                                                                                                                                                                  Most articles contained herein are by Walt Mayes with other editors and contributors whom the Lord clearly knows.

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