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The Mother of Harlots and Abominations on the earth.

The governments of the world were given over to Satan by God's decision at the birth of our Lord 2000 years ago. God has nothing to do with human government during the New Testament time. God has no physical kingdom on earth anymore so why would anyone think He still intervenes in the affairs of nations? He never did before He formed His own nation Israel. He divorced Israel upon their rejection of Him and that ended His national interventions for the last 2000 years. He neither raises nor lowers any leaders now but Satan certainly does.

God's Kingdom here and now is spiritual only and resides in the heart of every believer worldwide. His current Kingdom has no earthly king nor president nor prime minister and will not until His Return. So don't go buying any hype that America is a christian nation, it never truly was. Men alone and without understanding of His Word have made that false assertion.

America like much of the western nations have enjoyed a false freedom of religion based solely on Rome's legal protection. The creation of the Roman government "church" is what legalized "Christianity" with the governments of the world. In the first three-four centuries after our Lord, Christianity was Illegal. For a thousand years after only Roman apostate christianity was actually legalized however. True Biblical believers were hunted and persecuted by Rome and her governments of the world throughout the dark ages.

True Bible Christianity had to go underground since and enjoys no such legal protection because they know it did not come from God. Our Lord Jesus never one time even hinted that His true followers would be protected by the governments of the world. Quite the opposite actually.

Legal protection came from Satan's governments whom have allowed "freedom" of christian religion as long as it maintains Roman apostasies. Which they all do by the way in some form or fashion up to this day. Soon though, the screws of government will tighten upon western nations and their freedom of religion as we have already been witnessing with their tyranny during the Covid conquest. The type of religion allowed then will be by their making and by their decree. 

Since the beginnings of the Roman state church in the early 4th Century after our Lord, there have been no True Words of God spoken in any of the organized and commercial denominations. God's True Words do not come back until the Mother of Harlots and Abominations on the earth is destroyed near the end of the Great Tribulation Period or the last 3.5 years prior to our Lord's Return to reclaim the earth from Satan and establish His Righteous Government which will rule with a rod of iron. After the Mother's destruction, God mentions for the first time His True Sayings and He then repeats these mentions for the remainder of the Book of Revelation.

The Mother of Harlots is Rome, but all religions are the harlots and abominations of this whore. Hence the title "Mother". All organized, commercial religion has been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Since Rome's first split in the early 7th century leaving the eastern Orthodox to remain in Constantinople while the Catholics relocated in Rome, every so called splinter group has adopted their apostasies to some degree or another. 

Overtly ignoring all the examples of the New Testament Churches of the first century laid out plainly in Acts and the Epistles.

Such as the Orthodox who overtly copied Rome with abominable idols, images, glorious phylacteries, pomp and ritual. With magnificent architectural achievements in their tabernacles made with men's hands. Places God has clearly stated in the New Testament that He will not dwell in again.

Like the Roman leadership, these costumed peacocks don't know our Lord Jesus Christ at all and they certainly don't follow Him. They do however know all about the Babylonian Sanhedrin of Jesus's Day.


These fornications are the same manifestations of spiritual adultery that national Israel repeatedly committed against God in the Old Testament. That is correct friends, spiritual adultery HAS HAPPENED ONCE AGAIN to God's supposed "people" during the church age or time.


Please recall how God reacted to Israel's final indignation against God when they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ:

He divorced Himself from Israel, cutting Israel off from His protection and blessing. He allowed the gentiles to destroy their temple and capital Jerusalem and to scatter them abroad with no land of their own. In so doing, God also gave them over to reprobate minds and Satan’s full control hence the title: “Synagogue of Satan”. He cursed them until the end days and then, when it appears there is no hope, God will rush in, save and restore a very small remnant of them whom do trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. He will then use this remnant to begin the physical nation of Israel again during His earthly millennial Reign.

The harlots are all existing "Christian" denominations and the abominations are the various other idolatrous religions throughout the world. Come out of all of them.

Remember this key fact: As mentioned briefly in the opening above:


Prior to the government approved, organized and protected Roman Catholic "church" following our Lord Jesus Christ was illegal from the governmental perspective. True followers of our Lord were persecuted, hunted, imprisoned and murdered for their true testimony of Jesus Christ. The Roman counterfeit "church" legalized "christianity" according to the governments of the  world. Apostatizing the true Gospel and the Scriptural Jesus. Distorting the True Words of God into false religions of men. This was Satan's goal with His Mother of harlots and she has performed exceptionally well for him. Governmental legalization and protection is the exact opposite of what our Lord said would happen to His true followers. He has said to us repeatedly that all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. He said of His True church that the governments of the world would hate them just as they hated HIM.


So any organized, legal denomination afterwards would be built on sand and lies and would be lead by and primarily made up of false believers or what our Lord refers to repeatedly as "tares". 


Consider for a moment that it was the governments of the world which arrested, tortured and murdered our Lord. It was the governments of the world that hunted, arrested, tortured and murdered His Apostles and true followers for nearly three centuries after His Ascension. Why on earth would anyone imagine that government protected "religions" of the world since then would be True New Testament churches? 

It is no secret that all governments since our Lord's time have been heavily influenced by the mother through her harlots and abominations. Nearly every national leader worldwide has spiritual advisors in some form or another and have throughout their national history. The political leaders of the world and the "spiritual" leaders of the Mother’s harlots are intertwined together in these passages. It is of course, the Roman Empire still in control of the world allied closely to the synagogue of Satan. Rome never went away, it merely converted to religion. Rome in it's religious form controls all the earth.


Revelation 18: [3] For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
[4] And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

The point being made is that the "gospel message" since the formation of the Mother (Rome) is NOT the same Gospel Message our Lord delivered Himself, nor the same Gospel Message He Reiterated throughout the New Testament Epistles. All the harlots change Jesus' Message, all of them. Some with prayers, some with sacraments, some with works, some with lip-service, some with infant and young child baptism, some with no baptism at all, some with canon, some with creeds, some with confessions and some with their own scripture. ALL this confusion in the Name of Jesus, really? He is not the author of confusion but of peace. 

Like a true harlot, these commercial "churches" are led by "nicolaitan ministers". Professional clergy whom have followed professional career paths into their Roman designed and administered positions. Wolves in sheep's clothing whom demand salaries and benefit packages for insincere services. These career paths completely ignore God's crystal clear instruction throughout the New Testament of whom church leaders should be and how they should be selected with clear qualifications to be adjudicated by individual home and neighborhood churches. So it is with all "christian labeled" denominations and sects. These are all harlots under their "mother", Rome.

The pretense of commitment is harlotry. The love of mammon is harlotry. Adulterating the Word of God to match a theology is harlotry. Creating and following a "confession" or "creed" or "canon" is harlotry. Following any set of beliefs written by men is harlotry (regardless of their false claims of truth). Tabernacles erected to stop the spread of true belief and discipleship house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood is HARLOTRY. Centralizing doctrine under one man is harlotry. COME OUT FROM ALL OF THEM: There is no complete Truth of God from any of them. They have all been influenced for centuries by Rome and have emulated Rome rather than the examples given in New Testament Scripture. Note the TRUE WORDS OF GOD come back after the mother is destroyed. Prior to her destruction God never mentions His True Words throughout Revelation...ONLY AFTER the mother is destroyed in Chapter 18 (more on this below).

The destruction of the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth not only represents God’s Wrath upon ALL pagan religions but also of all apostate, organized, commercial "christian" churches since the 4th century creation of the Roman Catholic Government church.

All Scripture tells us point blank that saving faith is followed by sincere desire in the heart to follow Christ's teachings verbatim as clearly given; this is the Spirit of Christ. The harlots have either denied outright with contradictory teachings or give minor lip service to His teachings as "good suggestions".  By design of the Mother, all her harlots have also missed the clear facts that every single one of our Lord's Direct Teachings in the Gospels are clearly reiterated throughout Every Book of the entire New Testament. Harlotry however plucks out and isolates Epistle Passages to create their own meaning. Therefore turning the Good Seed of God's Word into the bad seed that only creates tares.


How do you know you are part of a harlot? If your minister modifies their message to maintain their position of ruler-ship and level of mammon you are under a harlot and have been deceived. These merely provide ear tickling service for payment and NOT out of sincerity and pure conscience before our Lord Jesus Christ. They have all followed the way of Cain and will perish in the error of Balaam for "temporary reward". These will receive extreme torment at their judgement. Just like the steward, these have chosen their everlasting habitations.

A more thorough explanation of the apostasies out of Rome that have spread throughout all "christian" claiming denominations and sects are outlined under our Apostasies page.

-Rome said take up the sword, Jesus said "for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword".

-Rome said make young men ministers, Jesus said that the "elders are to instruct the younger".

-Rome says form seminaries to credential young men for ministry, call them father or reverend, lift them up on pedestals and call them “Men of God”, Jesus said "he that is greatest among you shall be your servant".

-Rome said let there be tax exemption and government oversight of religion, Jesus said "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's" and "to obey God rather than men".

-Rome said build tabernacles made with hands and erect idols of worship, Jesus said "the Kingdom of God is within you" and to "worship God in Spirit and in Truth".

**God gave instructions on only two structures throughout history. The Tabernacle in the wilderness and the original Temple Solomon built. Every structure since has been of man's imagination and has nothing to do with God. "Constructs" of Satanic paganism straight out of Babylon. During the captivity the "synagogue" was born. NOT OF GOD but of pagan idol worshippers. God makes no mention of synagogues until long after the Babylonian captivity when God gave over physical Israel to Satan. Sadly the concept of the church building or tabernacles came from the same place and was passed on by the synagogue of Satan to Rome. God has nothing whatsoever to do with any of them.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was quite clear that the "Temple" to God was the body of the believer. He referred to Himself as the Temple and He also refers to those whom follow Him in Spirit and Truth as the Temples of God. The habitation of God is through His Spirit which resides within the hearts of every believer worldwide. 

-Rome said to give a portion of your income to the "church coffers and administration", Jesus said "give from your heart to other brethren in need".


Unfortunately, in the end all denominations and sects that claim Christ follow Rome's example and not the New Testament.

Constantine started the catholic church and as it established itself as "The Church", it stopped dead cold the viral spread of Biblical Christianity from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city. The WAY God designed His Church to spread in the Book of Acts. Rome distorted Biblical Christianity making God's Word and our Lord's Teachings of none effect. 

In addition, Rome is directly responsible for the creation of all current "christian" denominations worldwide. All came from Rome with Rome's basic administrations, hierarchy and structure. All are apostate in these end days. Rome also created Islam in the sixth century to combat their breakaway cult the Eastern Orthodox.


Rome's oppression of the common folk and her persecutions of true believers for centuries afterward resulted directly in the European Renaissance. From this revolution against Roman Catholic oppression came both atheism and humanism deemed the "great awakening" in Europe during the 16th century. All of these "renaissance great thinkers" like DaVincey, Shakespeare, Eramus (humanism) and Nichy (atheism) culminated with Darwin and his theory of evolution. From Darwinism came the industrial revolution of the late 19th century. So in reality the Roman church created humanism, atheism and darwinism.  


It was the industrial revolution that started the end. It sped everything up by greed and pride. The greed and pride of invention. Man lived since his creation in roughly the same ways for nearly 6000 years until the industrial revolution. This pride and greed propelled us into what we are today and is DIRECTLY the reason why the world has become totally reprobate against God in our day.

Yes indeed my friends, Satan's masterpiece, the Roman Catholic church is the "mother" of all that...


Rome is the Mother Whore: but the protestant denominations are all harlots of this Mother.

The charismatic denominations are all harlots of this Mother.

The SDA, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc are all harlots of this Mother.

The evangelicals regardless of name or numbers are all harlots of this Mother.

Even all independent sects are all harlots BECAUSE THEY EMULATE Rome's apostasies the same as the above do in most respects.


REMEMBER: God's truth comes back only AFTER the Mother of harlots is destroyed.


This government church (mother) has distorted the Truth of God since its inception. Its only goal was to stop the spread of Biblical Christianity house to house, community to community. It succeeded worldwide over the last 1700 years by its ecumenical partners (reformation protestants, baptists, etc.) all patterned after the Roman apostasy which safeguards and centralizes false doctrine.

All organized denominations and sects follow the Godless pattern of worship created by Rome. The institutions of human government and organized religion are hopelessly corrupt and cannot be redeemed by men. Turn your backs on all corruption and seek the Lord while He can still be found. The only certainty of these last days is that God does not dwell in tabernacles built my men. What dwells in those Babylonian "constructs" is mammon loving corruption. God's Presence on earth right now is only within the hearts of His true followers worldwide.


Note: Our Lord repeatedly mentions Truth at this time and the following Chapters. The "True sayings" of God are EMPHASIZED because of the Mother of Harlot’s distortions of truth and poisoning of all “churches” prior to its destruction.

The Whore's Judgment is True

The 144,000 preach Truth

Jesus returns in Power and Truth

Revelation 19:9

He remakes all things True

To provide further explanation and details, please visit our End Days Clarity Section on this website under Revelation 17/18.


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