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Propaganda has two sides and one of them is opposition control


Lenin said it best: "in order to control your opposition, you must lead it yourself".

Stalin reiterated Lenin’s sentiment: “When the peasants need a hero, we will provide them one”.


Over the last several years, the west has been victimized by the most comprehensive and wide scale propaganda and opposition control programs ever inflicted upon a people. It has been quite effective in execution and has kept the masses reeling for years under constant confusion and convolution. 


Well, this is the reason communism has already overtaken the west, particularly the U.S. The minds of the 90% are given over fully or in part to their main stream propaganda.
There will be no freedom without the 90% and the 90% are far out of the reach of the handful trying to warn them. Like every other communist takeover in history, the 90% will wake up when it is far too late to effect change.



Remember the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948.

For background purposes, the Smith-Mundt Act was established as a prohibition on domestic dissemination of materials intended for foreign audiences by the State Department, also known as propaganda. The thought, and a good one, was to establish a barrier between government agencies and the media, and for 65 years the act stood unchallenged, given the role propaganda is generally reserved for in empowering dictatorial governments.

Fast forward to 2012. Under President Obama, the law was changed with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, an act sponsored by Rep. Mac Thornberry (R- Texas) and Rep. Adam Smith (D- Wash.). The reform was quietly inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and effectively nullified the original 1948 act.

Let's be clear, the original law prohibited U.S. organizations from using state resources, including the intelligence community, to influence public opinion of United States citizens. Obama’s reform to the Smith-Mundt Act allowed the American public to be a target audience of U.S. government-funded information campaigns.

Propaganda, mockingbird media, state directed “news” all equate to the “red media” of old. The red media of Bolshevik Russia and red communist China.

If we see that we, the common plebs are surrounded on every side by lying propaganda and lying opposition controllers then yes, we are truly seeing what is unfolding. Understanding clearly the history of communist takeovers then we know for a fact that communists have never attempted a takeover without control of both sides. It is how they always win and they cannot win without it.


But if we support one named side or person over another in this grand theatre of communism taking over the world then we are still asleep and captive of them. Only seeing what the rulers want their opposition to see. Therefore, playing our parts in helping to usher in global communism.

Shockingly, much of the public, including most commercial, organized religious denominations believe it all; hook, line and sinker without an ounce of critical thinking. These Godless main stream outlets all use the same scripts for repetition of lies keeping the minds of the public the captives of Satan. Or in other words: brainwashed by them.


We cannot see the Day of the Lord approaching while our minds and hearts are the captives of Satan's governments and their main stream media's intentional disinformation. Those who want to know what is really happening to the world today by Satan and all of his governments of the world must separate themselves completely from all main stream media sources and search out the truth themselves through independent news sources not controlled by the state. But reader beware because many of these independent outlets are funded by the same communists that fund the main stream media. Albeit through backdoor channels, NGOs and nonprofits. These are funded to push narratives also. Narratives that do not match the MSM lies but are in themselves, also lies. Lies designed to delay via confusion. Confusion breeds hesitation. This is how opposition control serves the communists. Get your world news from these sources but read for the basic facts of what happened in any given incident. Not necessarily their opinion and commentary about it. Otherwise you would never even know the basic facts of any incident not favorable to the communists from the typical main stream sources.


The Covid conquest of 2020 brought communist style dictatorships throughout the west matching the rest of the world. After three years under communist rule, some of the folks are starting to notice it. Ah, the grandeur of their propaganda and opposition control is staggering even for the paid opposition controlling shills employed and monetized only to spread these alternate but lying narratives.


The mere fact that we realize we have been lied to since birth demonstrates just how far ahead of us the global rulers are.
A relative few awakening to this final battle of a centuries long war certainly cannot win it. Every single deck imaginable has been stacked against us while we were engrossed in their entertainments, political theatre, sports and hollywood all those "good" decades.


The ruling dynasties have been working out this plan for global government well over a century. Singling out the U.S. in particular. The U.S. since 1878 took over the global duties of the East India Trade company as the central bank's global police and policy setters for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Now that they have their new world order with BRICS, they no longer need the U.S. Inc to do their dirty work all over the globe.  Hence the corporation is being dissolved right in front of Americans. 

Depopulating America is the primary focus and has been for many decades. American plebs have been poisoned for decades and their brains riddled with aluminum and barium courtesy of fluoride on purpose and by their design. Americans have been chemically pacified over a long period making them docile, easy to fool, easy to manipulate, easy to conquer.

Their food is poisoned, their water is poisoned, their air is poisoned. Nowhere else on the planet has this been done to any other populations (including Europe). Food labels in Europe show the drastic difference in poisoning as opposed to American food labels. In Europe a product may have two lines of ingredients with few or no chemical additives while the same product in the U.S. has 20 lines of ingredients with 90% of them chemical additives. Folks might want to consider that Americans have been betrayed. Betrayed by their own countrymen for personal gain.

The depth of this betrayal once realized will be staggering and of course this realization will come far too late. I do not say that lightly, it is not that the common folk couldn’t take back their freedoms and futures, they simply won’t. I am convinced of how this ends because it aligns so evenly with the Prophetic Books and Passages of Scripture. We plebs or common folks lose this war but take heart, the wicked’s victory is very short lived and they will be destroyed utterly and all of them without exception will perish in their corruption.

These rulers have also successfully fragmented the plebs in ever shrinking groups that strive against each other. Ensuring that no mass resistance mounts against them.
As stated previously and reminding again: History shows us the communists never attempt a takeover without having control of both sides. It is how they have always won. In other words folks, you got no leadership in this resistance, none whatsoever. You are alone like sheep to the slaughter!


History is of course repeating folks. Communists historically have always provided the plebs with their "heroes". Heroes promising to rescue them but who hold them back and keep them sitting still and waiting for the next thing to happen while the rulers solidify their conquest.


It is very much in keeping with the current state of propaganda and opposition control going on throughout the west that this has all been scripted by the ten horns. All the prominent players currently on the world's stage are actors fulfilling their roles. Some doing so ignorantly in exchange for riches. While others to spare their lives and/or allow them their places among the protected by the 1% when all the calamities and genocide are done. To be their problem solving “class” in their new world order.


Understand now that your establishment GOP won’t be doing anything to help. It must be obvious by now that there is considerably more going on than just fecklessness or spinelessness on the part of your "opposition" party.
Devil his due...your republicans all know the U.S. has been hijacked by global communists. A hijacking they were helpless to stop fearing exposure of their own bribes and corruption. They also know that these communists control your institutions, airwaves, military and justice system. They understand that we the people are hopelessly outmatched in this global conquest.

They do not want to be lumped in with you plebs for slaughter so they betray you daily to ensure their families and they are on the protected roles. They know it is all but over now and we the people lose.
Survival trumps principles for the natural man and always has.


Opposition control:

Communism succeeds by controlling their opposition. In part by providing the plebs their heroes and leadership. IOWs every single prominent name you follow believing they will lead you out of this pickle are holding you back on purpose. These prominent people are also instrumental in splintering the communist's opposition into ever shrinking slices that will not agree together.
They are clever but all of these tactics are simply reruns of history that modern day Americans are blind to. Hence their downfall.

If we concede that everything we thought was true from our society has been a lie. Then why would we blindly believe anyone prominent is genuine? Why would we dismiss red flags when they come from our supposed "heroes".

Don't stop considering that everything is a lie. We the people must consider that even Trump may be a lie. Perhaps the global kingmakers biggest lie to date.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers own the world so to speak, controlling 93% of the world's wealth. With combined net worths over 500 trillion we must logically conclude that they are at the top of the wicked rich chain. Relative peasants to them are their made men: Soros, Gates, Zuck, Schwab, etc...Who act as frontmen for these dynasties.
They alone make or break kings, presidents, politicians and yes, billionaires. They could wipe out Trump overnight financially if they so pleased. No worries though, they won't.

The biggest criminals who hold all the purse strings are never mentioned by name by design. What they need the plebs to focus on are the puppets and their peasant armies of indoctrinated and useful idiots. These have no "need to know" the truth about Trump from the puppetmasters. Those masters feed their puppets a tactical message but never the strategic one. Only the dynasties know the strategic plan overall I suspect. Even their top tier frontmen like Gates, Soros, Musk, etc. know only the pieces they have a “need to know” about. No doubt big pieces since they play key roles in implemented large segments of the overall plan.

It seems pretty obvious to me that if Trump were the threat they theatrically maintain he would have long ago suffered the same fate as JFK, his brother, MLK, Malcom X, Seth Rich, Epstein, Assange, Snowden, etc.. IOWs their true threats are always permanently silenced in one way or another, get it? Trump has not been silenced if anyone has noticed. Even those with one eye open should see that by now. The group mentioned above were obviously not a part of their opposition control scripts and we see what happened to them.

Time to see the forest for the trees folks. Trump is the perfect trojan horse of the central bankers. The trojan horse that will finish the job of global communism. He will be set up to bring global peace and divide the spoils. Then he will sell the CBDC/Digital ID to the west and complete their conquest. Heck, he is their piece de resistance in deception, eclipsing even Barry and Michael. As his mock prosecutions continue, his legend grows just as planned.

You see, if they really wanted to "get Trump" they would have long ago groomed the mentally ill to take him out as always and then frame a narrative and have their red media "mockingbird" it just as they did with the others above.

It is a simple formula:
-Real opposition not under their control: Assassination, "suicide", imprisonment or exile.
-Opposition control: Constant publicity, mock persecutions, plenty of "reach" over all forms of media and mock prosecutions that end in nothing but more support for the one prosecuted.

Well, the plebs need "heroes". They always have and our global kingmakers know this better than anyone. Enter their salesman. When reinstalled, what will he be selling next? CBDC/Digital ID of course and later, 15 minute "freedom cities". Devil his due, these kingmakers are clever. Clever in the ways of skullduggery that the average person could never conceive.

As Trump's legend grows by the kingmakers mock prosecutions, more and more will follow him into full blown, boots on neck communism packaged as a necessary evil to rid the world of those who oppress you. Sold as "the only way" to the naive hopeful. Beware.......

Mock prosecutions aside, if Trump were not one of them they would turn blind eyes to any threats of physical harm coming from rogue, independent plebs. Does the DOJ going after plebs who want to eliminate Trump sound consistent with every thing else DOJ has been doing? Do we see the contradiction yet? They can't allow any rogues ruining their plans for Trump.

We must reason together and apply this same logic to every prominent, well known person on all media. If they have a name it was given to them in exchange for their obeisance. If they have any significant influence or a monetized platform it was given to them in exchange for their obeisance. They are gatekeepers to keep you locked out from the truth of this global communist takeover.

To reiterate: Any counter narratives to the red media that are given avenues of reach are opposition control folks. If these pundits were actually exposing any truth, they would have no major platform to do it on. They would have no reach. The global communists own all the reach, folks. And they are very particular on who gets this reach.


Main stream propaganda narratives and alternate opposition control narratives. Both written by the same communist oppressors to serve two functions. 

To inflame their supporters against the opposition.

And to inflame the opposition toward lies to keep them confused and misdirected.

Remember this with any and all of those well known people we think are on our side. They are really only on money's side and the plebs lose. They always lose against communism.

Those who are murdering the world own all the infrastructure. Nobody gets to profit unless they are in the pockets of those same global rulers.
You have no one prominent with a "name" that is truly on your side. It is merely a vast, concerted effort of both propaganda and opposition control.

Wake up and realize that you, non-descript pleb are the target and you are all alone in this final battle against global communism under a global government.

We are the last generation folks. This is global and the big one. Realize it now. Every possible deck is stacked against us plebs even our own "leadership". This war has been raging for over a century. Five percent cannot expect to open one eye during the final battle and win it.

We plebs must consider that we are outmatched and outmaneuvered in this final push for global communism under one global government. Stop looking side to side because there is no one here who will help you. All of the "heroes" the communists provided you are working against you.

They did all that while we were sleeping neck deep with buried heads in the American dream. We tolerated depravity and corruption out of convenience (a hallmark of the American dream). They took over the world during all those decades we all thought were great.

Unfortunately all the "heroes" your communist rulers have given you are exactly the same. They merely keep you hoping and not doing. It is their business and business is a booming.

What to expect next:

As in early 20th century Russia, once communists have control of a nation they then betray and eliminate the peasant class armies they indoctrinated and used for decades to divide the nations so thoroughly. These "useful idiots" lose their usefulness to the rulers and become a liability to them.

Remember the words of Lenin to his indoctrinated army of peasants which enabled his communist dictatorship: When their executions began and they asked him why are you killing us? He replied, "Thank you for helping the revolution. Without you we could not have done it. I have one question. If you betrayed mother Russia for me. How quickly will you betray me for the next revolution. Kill them all!".

Same thing will most likely happen here soon and it will fool many but all it really means is that communism is secured and their next installation will finish the job. After the patriotic plebs are done reveling over what they perceive as a victory, they will understand too late what has happened to them.

Bolshevik era tactics like “Operation Trust” have been redeployed upon the west. In particular in the U.S. This has set up the tide turning to make it appear that their Qanon psyop was real. But it is not folks. It is a rerun from 1920s Russia as mentioned previously.

As a big part of this turning of the tides will be the uprooting of three prominent billionaires. The real danger for your souls is who uproots them. Three will be scapegoated by the dynasties. Logically, I believe it will be the three whom the plebs consider the most notorious. Soros, Gates, Schwab, Zuck all come to mind.

They will be sacrificed by the kingmaker's installed global puppet to garner trust in the new global "chancellor". Remember the kingmakers control 93% of the world's wealth through centuries of deception, theft and murder. They and they alone determine who will be the ultra rich. Just as they and they alone raise and lower kings and kingdoms during our time under Satan, the "god" of this world's governments and cultures.

He will be touted as the bringer of peace and the divider of spoils. The only man who could end WWIII.

It is the biggest trick the devil pulls off and this new leader will sell the world on their CBDC/Digital ID under the guise of calamity as the only way to rebuild and move forward after this false flag world war. Dissenters to this end-all, be-all tool to subjugate the masses will of course be murdered.

Look folks, your fake American dream is gone. Those who gave it to you did so to lull generations to sleep while they prepared for global communism secretly and undisturbed behind our backs all those decades. Look to Jesus and not to man. Men are corrupt and bottomless corruption is all there is now. Soon our Lord's offer ends and if we are not His by then, we too will be in His Path.


Now that democracies and republics have been proven as scams by your betters it might be time to figure out why we existed all along and it has nothing to do with the fake, countercultures to God that exist on earth.


It is frustrating to finally realize just how outmatched the plebs are in this final battle of a centuries long war. Your global communist dictators have all government and all institutions through their networks of proxy puppets. All military and all police, most of the justice system and all of the key infrastructure needed to organize.

Heck, even the 2A really only exists in a museum. The NFA of 1934 took care of that long before most of you were born. The one in 1968 tagged every gun owner for confiscation.

The wicked rich rape, torture and murder children for kicks people. They are not about to allow you plebs to exact any justice on them. They will murder every last one of you before they allow that.
As more of their wicked deeds comes to light, prepare for more calamity. The more light, the more violent and wide spread the calamity. They got lots of plans for you I am afraid and are so many decades ahead of you that you won't see what is coming next but trust that whatever it is, it was planned.

Get rid of the communists and you may have your rights once again. Don't and you won't. It is as simple as that.

One caveat however, you can't vote out what you never voted in. And yes, you are in the pickle of all pickles with no convenient or easy way out.

That is what sealed your fates, not your oppressors but you collectively. The fake American dream was all you had people. Now it is gone with little more than a whimper.


Their propaganda and opposition control programs have the plebs totally captive, nesting on their own thumbs and pacified. When the coming smoke clears the surviving plebs will with one whimper say "boo hoo" for us. We shoulda, we coulda, we woulda but like 20th century Russian and Chinese patriots, we DIDN'T. Get yourselves prepared for death and hell folks because they are fixing to mount up.

If what we thought was real and established has been taken from us so easily by a handful of the wicked rich, we may want to reconsider what was actually real and what was not. If all our hopes and dreams for the future were a fabrication to lull to this point in history, what good were they? It seems quite obvious now that what we thought was normal will never return. It is being replaced by global full blown communism. That will be the new normal worldwide very soon. They didn't conquer the world in 2020 with Covid for nothing folks. It all leads to your end.

Pre-2020 normal is never coming back but Jesus Christ is. He brings only Vengeance and Wrath to an unbelieving world this time however. He came to save people from themselves the first time and most blew it so it is time to pay the Piper and this debt owed is eternal. I recommend all take His offer of Mercy now while it is still on the table. Soon that door shuts forever and if we are not His by then we too will be in His Path.

Beware their CBDC/Digital ID because it will convert this soft communism we have grown to tolerate into full blown, boots on neck communism overnight.


Disconnect from this world in your hearts and connect to God. The more you connect to God the less this fake world means to you. You look past it. Trust me folks, nothing here is real. It has all been an illusion. Your American dream has been taken from you and all the world actually.


Oh, after the smoke clears from the dollar's collapse (I mean literal smoke) what is left of America will arise into an overt police state.

You may want to consider that this is Prophecy unfolding directly in front of us and start connecting those dots. Watch and pray for His Return is our Lord's Command not fight for the world's ambitions, goals and priorities. All of which He is coming to destroy. The American dream was just a "construct" of the central bankers through the British Crown. They determined long ago how to end it when the time came. All indications are that this time is here.

Were we born again into Christ's Image with His Heart or just back into another cleaned up version of Adam still with Adam's heart, focused on the temporary? What are you clinging to? This is Satan's world and has been for 2000 years. You won't change it. I know I have studied the Script relentlessly. What we are witnessing is exactly what He said we would witness and to watch and pray for it and DON'T LOOK BACK like Lot's wife. Now is your time for eternal reward directly from your Lord. Look forward to dying for His Namesake.

Many who claim Christ but clearly do not know Him will fight for this temporary world soon. They will kill for it and they will die for it. They have no patience nor faith of the saints. The Lord meant in context to overcome the world as He did. He died for it, get it? Their hearts have already condemned them. They were never His. Don't be one of those.....

Let go of the "things" of the world that you can't see past and get on Jesus' Side now while He still invites. Don’t be like the rich young ruler who had great possessions that he couldn't see past either. If we are going to wake up then we must wake all the way up and realize that they got us good and we are in the pickle of all pickles with no way out except up. 

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