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God's Mercy and His Adjustments for man.


The careful study of God's Word shows us clearly that God has had to make corrective action to redirect man towards HIMSELF. These major corrective actions or adjustments have occurred at the end of each age or each "Time" (2000 years of Creation). In addition Scripture shows us other corrective actions have also been made by God during each time to refine these adjustments for man's eternal benefit. To guide man towards Him and His purpose for man.

God’s Wishes for man to acknowledge and believe Him and walk with Him as His children created in HIS IMAGE has never changed, this is the "Everlasting Gospel".

This study will prove to you that God changed His mind about man several times. God actually adjusted TO man’s free will and man’s failed choices.

FRIENDS:  Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

God’s Love and Mercy described:

Psalms100: [3] Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
[4] Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
[5] For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Psalms 25:  [1] Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul.
[2] O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.
[3] Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause.
[4] Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.
[5] Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.
[6] Remember, O LORD, thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindnesses; for they have been ever of old.
[7] Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness' sake, O LORD.
[8] Good and upright is the LORD: therefore will he teach sinners in the way.
[9] The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.
[10] All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.
[11] For thy name's sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.
[12] What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.
[13] His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth.
[14] The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.
[15] Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD


From the Beginning: OLD TESTAMENT: Did God have a Plan for man?

Yes indeed my friends, in the beginning when God spoke all of His Creation into existence, forming both man and woman in the Garden of Eden, He did have a plan for man. That Plan for man was short-lived however. Not because of God but because of man. Both Eve and then Adam sinned against God by believing one of God "creatures" over God's Words. Both Adam and Eve were created with supernatural bodies that were intended and originally created to live forever with God as His grateful children. Their sin against their Creator changed everything and ended God's original Plan for His entire Creation. God's Plan for His Creation was broken by sin and God has been making adjustments for man ever since.


This sin resulted in God's first Adjustment toward man and by far the most important adjustment. It resulted in a massive spiritual and physical change for both Adam and Eve and this change would be carried on by all of their descendants. You see, death entered into God's Creation because of this sin.

First their spiritual death which was now manifested in the physical transformation from everlasting life to temporary life. 

Prior to this sin by man God had already separated Light from darkness but now due to their sin, He would separate the living from the dead from that day forward. Darkness is as far from Light as death is from Life! Because of this lesson learned by Adam and Eve men would remember for a time that God gives all Light to the world and Satan brings all darkness. God gives all Life to the world but now Satan gives all death. Don't let this 70 year audition down here confuse you my friends, you eternal Life or eternal death hasn't even begun yet. Those, either Life or death will last forever and I truly mean forever, eternity, infinity.

Before and After the Flood: -A Canopy of mist watered the ground before the rains of the flood. There was no rain for the first 2000 years. God’s judgement upon all flesh came as a result of men forgetting who and WHY they were!  God removed the canopy of mist and replaced it with rain & storms to water the ground after the flood. The rainbow represents His promise to never destroy the earth with water again.


Conversely and logically the rain & storms Post Flood were to also be a reminder to man to never forgot WHY they exist and WHO GOD IS.



Species of animals eliminated:

Genesis 6: [17] And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
[18] But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee.
[19] And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.
[20] Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.
[21] And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.
[22] Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.

Genesis 7: [1] And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. How? Because he believed and obeyed. That is how God inputs His Righteousness unto us.
[2] Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.
[3] Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth.
[4] For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.
[5] And Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him.


Animals: Prior to the flood animals were not provided to us as food. This changed after the flood and God made it clear to take, kill and eat animals as food:

Genesis 9: [1] And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.
[2] And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.
[3] Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
[4] But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.
[5] And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.
[6] Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.


God corrected the unified rebellion against Him with the flood. This was the precedence He set by the flood to teach man to remember History and to not repeat it. When man forgets why they exist, they always unify together in rebellion against the God who made them.


God changed at the flood, resetting His principles upon the earth.


Post Flood: Where did the different languages and different RACES come from?


Tower of Babel: The reason God gave man various languages is because of man’s pride and envy all born of Satan and sin.

Because of man’s sin and pride from the Tower of Babel God divided all peoples and the earth itself into continents where these people settled after God dispersed them.

Nations formed by separate languages

CONTINENTS Separated by God to keep these 3 main races apart.

God's adjustment to man's unity was not enough and man continued to rebel, building ships to cross the seas.


So God made yet another adjustment forming a people and nation specifically for Himself. God formed His own nation and people through Abraham, Issac and Jacob. ISRAEL began as God’s Nation on Earth to DECLARE HIS GLORY TO ALL the rebellious heathen of all the nations which forgot God and why they exist to begin with.

Related note about the American experiment:

National and Racial separation by God was the result of man's arrogance and rebellion against God when man unites as one as described above at the Flood and then again at Babel. Remember this precedence set by God while considering the American experiment.


Scripture clearly teaches us that the blending of nations and races together always resulted in  man's pride, arrogance and rebellion against God. This precedence was set at the Flood and then again at Babel. God separated man by language and therefore "race" after Babel and He did it on purpose and for this reason only. He ensured it's continuance for a time by dividing the continents soon after. These acts of God after Babel created the races and nations of the world. It is the spirit of anti-Christ which claims racial and international unity as "good".


See the pattern? This same pattern has swept the world not only with false racial narratives but with reprobate ideology: infant sacrifice, pedophilia, gender neutrality, unnatural homosexual acceptance as "normal", etc.


Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


Perhaps we should consider that racial tensions throughout the industrialized world began at the formation of the American experiment. When the founders of America blended the races and nationalities together in open rebellion against God. The chickens are about to come home to roost as America reaps what it sowed. For those of you who still fantasize that America was God's new physical nation on earth. America is simply part of the 7th great empire (Britain) whose wings are about to be plucked off the lion so that the lion can stand alone at the beast's table. The possibility of civil war is very great right now and this war will be fought largely along racial lines and throughout the industrialized world. Europe's recent trend of limitless refugee immigration has also set the same stage there.


Because of man's willful ignorance of History in Scripture man is repeating the same abomination against God in these last days. This time however it is on a far larger scale than before and this time will also be the last time with Satan's one world government about to be realized. Once they purge all of the upright ones, those united as one against God in the name of their fake new unity and "morality" will all cry with one voice, "peace and safety" before their sudden destruction.

Through Israel, God gave signs, wonders & national interventions to show the earth that He is God and that there is no other. During these centuries since Israel's creation, God's Glory was made visible to all nations. He demonstrated His Power through His national interventions between Israel and the heathen nations. 

Our Lord directed His nation Israel through the twelve patriarchs of His twelve tribes initially, then through Moses and His Law. As memory of His Signs and Wonders faded however, so did the Israelite's faith and remembrance of Who God is and why they existed. 


Later our Lord sent them judges and prophets to guide them in His Ways and His Rules. His Power, His Glory, His Rewards and His Punishments were made clearly visible. 

Acts 13: [17] The God of this people of Israel chose our fathers, and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt, and with an high arm brought he them out of it.
[18] And about the time of forty years suffered he their manners in the wilderness.
[19] And when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Chanaan, he divided their land to them by lot.
[20] And after that he gave unto them judges about the space of four hundred and fifty years, until Samuel the prophet.
[21] And afterward they desired a king: and God gave unto them Saul the son of Cis, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, by the space of forty years.
[22] And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.
[23] Of this man's seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus:

Citizenship and loyalty of God's people-Israel was clearly to be toward His Nation only. 

Back-slidings and adulteries against God were frequent and God would intervene with miracles, signs and wonders to revive them back to Him. Eventually however, the religious/political leaders of Israel would stray away so far and for so long from God that He soon would make another adjustment.

The religious and political leaders of Israel took up pagan idols and turned their hearts away from the only True God to worship Moloch and to adopt idolatry in the form of the star of Remphan (commonly referred to as the star of David). God adjusted again and allowed their Babylonian captivity which marked the end of God's interventions among the other nations on Israel's behalf. God allowed these sniff-necked and prideful people to be taken captive by the Babylonians and Israel as a nation never recovered spiritually. Intensifying their bloodline intermingling with the pagans of Babylon for seventy years effectively ERASING the bloodline of God's pure people back to David, Jesse and Jacob.


Our Lord didn't even recognize Israel during His Ministry because they were already pagan mutts by then. Fast forward to now and they are the most inbred of all "nations"...true gypsies. In case you were wondering why our Lord emphasized lineage in the Gospels. True Jews traced back to David were a rarity even 2000 years ago. Judaism after our Lord's time isn't even a "race" anymore, it is a deluded cult.

By the time of His next adjustment when He sent the Lord Jesus to redeem Israel, the vast majority of "jews" were descendants of Esau's line through interbreeding with these "pagan" nations. This interbreeding occurred for centuries near the end of the Old Testament. At the time of the New Testament, from a racial bloodline perspective, these Israelites were more Edomite than Israelite.


Mary and Joseph and of course our Lord were a rarity in the first century having pure-bloods back to David. No doubt the reason God emphasized all three of their lineages.

Israel's entrenchment in adultery against God lead to our Lord's next adjustment:


God changed again at Christ and reset His Principles always maintaining the boundaries of His Righteousness.

National Israel followed the way of Balaam for reward and not the Lord. They created their own delusional religion, rejected God's Truth as unprofitable for these; their false prophets and priests. Their made up false Judaism however was very profitable for their mammon loving fake priests and prophets. Sound familiar? Well it should because the Mother of Harlots has lead the "church" in the exact same direction during our time and the earth is about to be judged because of it.


Constantine started the catholic church and as it established itself as "The Church", it stopped dead cold the viral spread of Biblical Christianity from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city. The WAY God designed His Church to spread in the Book of Acts. Rome distorted Biblical Christianity making God's Word and our Lord's Teachings of none effect. 

In addition, Rome is directly responsible for the creation of all current "christian" denominations worldwide. All came from Rome with Rome's basic administrations, hierarchy and structure. All are apostate in these end days. Rome also created Islam in the sixth century to combat their breakaway cult the Eastern Orthodox.


Rome's oppression of the common folk and her persecutions of true believers for centuries afterward resulted directly in the European Renaissance. From this revolution against Roman Catholic oppression came both atheism and humanism deemed the "great awakening" in Europe during the 16th century. All of these "renaissance great thinkers" like DaVincey, Shakespeare, Eramus (humanism) and Nichy (atheism) culminated with Darwin and his theory of evolution. From Darwinism came the industrial revolution of the late 19th century. So in reality the Roman church created humanism, atheism and darwinism.  


It was the industrial revolution that started the end. It sped everything up by greed and pride. The greed and pride of invention. Man lived since his creation in roughly the same ways for nearly 6000 years until the industrial revolution. This pride and greed propelled us into what we are today and is DIRECTLY the reason why the world has become totally reprobate against God in our day.

Yes indeed my friends, Satan's masterpiece, the Roman Catholic church is the "mother" of all that...


After national Israel's rejection of the Messiah, God divorced and cursed the nation of Israel, covenanting a new and Spiritual ONLY kingdom on earth. This kingdom looks past this cursed earth and only to Heaven and Eternity. THIS IS THE NEW TESTAMENT.


Understand that God divorced His first wife, the "physical" or visible Nation of Israel on earth and took a new Bride which is Spiritual, not physical and made up of people of all nations on earth. A "nation" now that resides only in the hearts of all true believers worldwide. There are no longer any physical blessings nor punishments that can be visibly seen anymore. Nor are there any "Christian" nations that exist in the world from our Lord's perspective, it is quite contrary to His Word to believe such a thing.


He no longer acts visibly after His Word was completed and His Spirit poured out.

Matt.12 [39] But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

Matt.16 [4] A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

Mark.8 [12] And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation.

Luke.11 [29] And when the people were gathered thick together, he began to say, This is an evil generation: they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.

Among the most significant differences between God's dealing with man before Christ was that He had a physical nation on earth. It was through that physical nation that God's received Glory from the heathen nations. During that period God clearly raised and lowered kingdoms and kings as indicated in the Old Testament and for His Glory only.


There is no physical nation on earth during the church age, only a Spiritual one. There is no mention by jot or tittle of any of God's interventions among the physical heathen within the New Testament for a reason. In our time since Christ, God receives His Glory by our individual death to self, including crucified ambitions and interests in Satan's world system and the support of these temporary systems. Nothing is about nations in this age, everything is about individual accountability to God only and this is emphasized throughout the New Testament.


All governments that exist during this age are under Satan's control period. All are part of the beast's system and none have been installed by God. This is explained more thoroughly below. Remember the last kingdoms on earth described through the Prophet Daniel leading up to the little horn are depicted by God as "beasts".

Signs would no longer be given except the sign of Jonah as it relates to Christ and His Sacrifice for us.

Jesus (the Living Word) is the physical manifestation of the Father or the Father's soul (personality). Likewise, His Word (Bible) is the written representation of the personality of God the Father.

Therefore, now all people can know His Mind like THEY KNOW THEIR OWN MINDS:

He then Divorced the nation of Israel and cut them out of the Tree of Life for their national rejection of Jesus Christ.

The New Testament church is HIS NEW BRIDE and spotless before Him being washed by His Blood and clothed in the fine white linen of His Righteousness, without adultery because adultery is impossible for the reborn, remember this later when we speak of Backsliding/Revival and Regeneration.


Unlike in the Old Testament and the failures of Israel living in the flesh and by sight of the prophets who were continuously adulterous against The True God of Creation. The New Testament reveals that God put away (divorced) Israel during this age and until the end at which time God will graft national Israel back into the Tree of Life and she will become part of His New Bride. However do not confuse this with individual unbelieving racial jews, they have condemned themselves through their rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ over the last time (2000 year church age) and the vast majority of them alive at the end will perish during the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation period. Only a small remnant will be spared to start national Israel over again during our Lord's millennial Reign on earth.


National Israel CURSED by God due to their rejection of Christ:


Malachi 2: [8] But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts.
[9] Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, the faithful remnant (true Israel) included believers such as Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:25–38). During Jesus’ adult ministry, true Israel was most visible in those Jewish disciples who believed that Jesus was the Messiah. Those who rejected Jesus were not true Israel, regardless of their race. This included many of the scribes and Pharisees. Though they claimed Judaism, they were not true Israel (Rom. 2:28–29). True Israel became defined by union with the true Israelite—Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:16, 29). Keeping in mind what is touched on earlier that those whom claimed Judaism during our Lord's time were far from a pure race that could be traced by linage back to King David, Jesse or Jacob. Racial mixing with the heathen nations after David's time decimated the pure race of jews. 

Also note that our Lord rebuked and condemned the government of Israel, never the common people. His rebukes were Righteous Judgments against the religious and political leaders whom rejected Him openly. Multitudes of commoners Israelites believed our Lord and followed Him.


On the day of Pentecost, the true Israel, Jewish believers in Jesus, were taken by the Holy Spirit and formed into the center of the New Testament church (Acts 2). The Holy Spirit was poured out on the true Israel, and the same men and women who were part of this true Israel were now the true new covenant church. Soon after, Gentiles began to become a part of this ever growing group.


The rest of the racial jews who did not accept Christ as Messiah, In other words: national Israel were cut off from the Tree of Life, cursed, dispersed and then renamed the synagogue of satan BY GOD.

However, if we are talking about true Israel, there really is no distinction. The true Israel of the Old Testament became the nucleus of the true church on the day of Pentecost. What does this mean for our understanding of the relationship between the church and Israel? It means that when true Israel was baptized by the Spirit on the day of Pentecost, true Israel became the New Testament church. Thus, there is continuity between true Israel and the church.


Notice: For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God (Rom 2:28-29).


Believers are no longer citizens of this nation nor this world. We have now become foreigners, pilgrims and strangers to this nation and this world.

Under the Mosaic Law, participation in government was encouraged and in many cases, required. Remember, this Law functioned to address the needs of national Israel and their physical kingdom. The New Testament Church is very different from Old Testament Israel in that it’s a spiritual Kingdom governed by spiritual principles looking PAST this physical world. As such, its recourse is neither physical nor political.


There are several reasons for this:​

In the Old Testament God had a physical Kingdom and He used this physical Kingdom for His Glory.

In the New Testament God has no physical Kingdom on earth but a Spiritual one. God is no longer raising and lowering kings or kingdoms. He has no physical, earthly interest in the Kingdoms and affairs on earth during our Age. Of course He knows exactly what will happen throughout the Church age but He influences NONE of it.

World Governments are Beast Systems:

​World governments and political establishments are under the temporary power and authority of the “god of this world”. They are blind to God’s Word and refuse to answer to His authority:

2 Corthinians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

In the book of Daniel, the prophet Daniel sees a vision in which four beasts rise out of the sea (Daniel 7:1-26). Later, we discover that these “beasts” correspond to world governments or empires. After them, Daniel sees a MAN, described as the “Ancient of Days”, setting up an everlasting government that eclipses all the ones prior.

​Please notice carefully that the final earthly government is symbolized by a man—Jesus Christ—while all the preceding ones are depicted as “beasts”!

Daniel’s vision teaches us an important lesson. In this church age (the last time) and the last days and until Christ’s Kingdom arrives to substitute the current rule, we exist in a world governed by the “beast system”.

Our Lord raises no kings, kingdoms or nations in this age nor does He put them down. It is an obvious and logical conclusion that HE is no longer is vested in the human governments of the world because He no longer maintains a physical NATION ON EARTH during the Church Age in His New Testament.

Another related note to the "church", America and all western nations who have replicated democratic type governments patterned after the "American experiment":

The governments of the world were given over to Satan by God's decision at the birth of our Lord 2000 years ago. God has nothing to do with human government during the New Testament time. Once again, God has no physical kingdom on earth anymore so why would anyone think He still intervenes in the affairs of nations? He never did before He formed His own nation Israel. He divorced Israel upon their rejection of Him and that ended His national interventions for the last 2000 years. He neither raises nor lowers any leaders now but Satan certainly does.

God's Kingdom here and now is spiritual only and resides in the heart of every believer worldwide. His current Kingdom has no earthly king nor president nor prime minister and will not until His Return. So don't go buying any hype that America is a christian nation, it never truly was. Men alone and without understanding of His Word have made that false assertion.

America like much of the western nations have enjoyed a false freedom of religion based solely on Rome's legal protection. The creation of the Roman government "church" is what legalized "Christianity" with the governments of the world. In the first three-four centuries after our Lord, Christianity was Illegal. For a thousand years after only Roman apostate christianity was actually legalized however. True Biblical believers were hunted and persecuted by Rome and her governments of the world throughout the dark ages.

True Bible Christianity had to go underground since and enjoys no such legal protection because they know it did not come from God. Our Lord Jesus never one time even hinted that His true followers would be protected by the governments of the world. Quite the opposite actually.

Legal protection came from Satan's governments whom have allowed "freedom" of christian religion as long as it maintains Roman apostasies. Which they all do by the way in some form or fashion up to this day. Soon though, the screws of government will tighten upon western nations and their freedom of religion as we have already been witnessing with their tyranny for the last two years. The type of religion allowed then will be by their making and by their decree. 

The last governments leading up to the antichrist are all described as beasts by God in Daniel. Culminating with the final beast. 

A basic understanding of the difference between the Old Testament way God deals with man and the New Testament way are the polar opposites. Faith came by sight in the Old Testament and Faith comes without sight in the New Testament.


The Holy Spirit during our (Church) Age has several missions:

The Holy Spirit's job in our age: The Old Testament BELIEVERS HAD SIGHT AND SIGNS BUT WE HAVE THE PERFECT WORD AND HIS SPIRIT (The Comforter).

-Convicter of our sin, His Righteousness and our Judgement to come

-Declarer of Jesus ONLY, Never Himself

-Guide and teacher of His Written Word

-Indweller/Sealer until the first resurrection (the catching away or rapture in Latin)

-Restrainer: -Holy Spirit poured out over all flesh and is the restrainer: restraining satan’s power over the physical.

NOTICE: The man of sin will be revealed after the Spirit is removed.

The Holy Spirit indwells all true believers but He also provides restraint to satanic activity over all the earth in which the Gospel had currently spread. The restraint or containment of satanic activity spread in direct correlation to the spread of the Gospel.

His Word has been published in all nations for some time now.

Backsliding is no longer possible for believers in the New Testament:

This statement is based on exclusion and zero mention of any concept such as turning from the Living God after the new birth.


REVIVAL from God came as a result of backsliding in the Old Testament and this is no longer possible for groups during the church age. These "revivals" were always the result of God's seen interventions and miracles.

Last mention of revival applies only to our Lord’s Millennial Kingdom on earth after Armageddon. Hosea 6: [1] Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.
[2] After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.


​This passage in Hosea is an obvious reference to the thousand-year "days" of II Peter, Chapter 3 and indicate that no revival will occur during the "last time" (2000 year church age) but will occur after our Lord's triumphant Return to reclaim His possession. Once He restores His physical Kingdom then shall "by sight" belief resume and His ROD OF IRON upon the earth. By sight simply means that God will then live among us and we will all see Him.

Because of regeneration and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all those who are born again, NO BACKSLIDING IS POSSIBLE.

Conversely and as I have shown above: No revival from God will occur either during the church age until Jesus starts His physical Kingdom on earth.

In the New Testament, His nation is a spiritual Kingdom within each believer. There is no physical nation or kingdom of God’s on earth during the New Testament. Therefore God does not present His Glory through miracles, signs and wonders but through HIS COMPLETE WORD AND HIS SPIRIT.

He doesn't intervene with the nations on earth during the age of faith without sight. He has no physical nation therefore His Glory is declared individually by His crucified followers.


Let's contrast this between the Old and New Testaments of God's Word:

In the Old Testament and also once again from the Great Tribulation (last 3.5 years of the tribulation) through the Millennium and Eternity:

​Faith was by sight so the blessings and rewards of God to His Children were always visible physically and were earthly blessings which could be seen.

In addition, punishments for the wicked were also earthly and could be seen by all.


In the New Testament since Christ's ministry until the end of the Church age:

Faith is without SIGHT in this church age meaning all the Blessings of God to His followers are Spiritual, Heavenly and Eternal not to be seen of others.

In addition punishments for the wicked are also Spiritual and Eternal and cannot be witnessed on this earth by anyone. If you ever wondered why the bad guys win seemingly all the time.

​There are no physical Blessings of God upon us during this age that we live in. All of our rewards and loss will come Spiritually and directly by Jesus at our Judgment during the Tribulation period (Judgment Seat of Christ).


​It all boils down to this:

Scripture does not support the idea that God "planned" to send the Living Word (Jesus) to atone for sin at the fall or anytime throughout the Old Testament. To call it His plan once again implies His control. Scripture shows on every page from Genesis to the Gospels that He patiently gave man every possible chance to believe in, seek and worship Him (Romans Chapter 1 is one major indicator). From the garden to the flood to the tower of Babel to Abraham to Sodom/Gomorrah to Israel to Egypt to Babylon, etc..

Hebrews 8:7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second.
8 For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah:
9 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.
10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:
11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.
12 For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.
13 In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.


Does this sound like a plan with God in complete control to you? Or does it sound like God allowing men to exercise their free will: (There are numerous similar passages).

Psalms 103:13 Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.




















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