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Common Apostasies Prevalent in all self-called "christian" denominations:


Please consider more dangerous apostasy (turning away from Bible truth to embrace the teaching of men) in these last days friends. More dangerous because it has become common practice in all the organized and commercial "christian" churches. All of these apostasies came out of Rome and NOT out of New Testament Scripture. The mother of harlots and abominations on the earth has done her job for Satan very well. These apostasies are hidden from religious hypocrites and traditions of men because these are blind to the Truth of God and are followers of mammon and the praise of men more than God.

We are told by the Lord to judge righteous judgment and search the Scriptures daily to make sure what men say and practice is correct. I Cor 5:12, 13 clearly instructs us to judge each other within the body of Christ against Scripture. Not the judging of their flesh's weakness or susceptibility to sin BUT OF THEIR DOCTRINE or Truth of God.


The abandonment of this practice which leads to church disciple has left churches to the tares nearly exclusively in these last days. Church discipline as outlined in the New Testament, was to control the amount of weeds among the wheat primarily. The root problem is that "pastors" in these last days are generational tares themselves so any attention paid to I Corinthians, Chapter 5 is nothing more than lip service. God provided us the Epistles with both weed and tare in mind. Because it is a matter of the heart that only God knows as in John 3:6, most of the believers referenced for reproof and rebuke were weeds and could not have had the Spirit of Christ in them as each Epistle clearly indicates within the rebukes.

Church administration apostasy:
Subtle apostasy which is widely accepted practice but DEVOID of Scriptural reference:

Synagogues, tabernacles, cathedrals and church steeple buildings are all the "constructs" of Satan to redirect those seeking God and Truth away from God and Truth. Our Lord no doubt preached in "synagogues" and everywhere else under the sun. Synagogues however were the brainchild of Babylonians, not God. Later our Lord taught us that He does not dwell in temples made with hands but rather the New Testament Temple is each and every believer's body. The first centuries Church was real until Rome that is. Everything posing as "christian" after Rome emulated Roman structure, administration and hierarchy. God gave no instructions on buildings since the first Temple. What we see as "churches" today are all patterned after Rome and operate under government control to keep their tax exemptions. Nothing resembling that ever came from God. Rather home churches spreading out in neighborhoods, communities and cities with many pastors instead of one centralized empire demanding people travel to it is the model God gave in Acts and the Epistles. Where two or three are gathered together in His Name, there He is in the midst of them. Jesus wanted His followers to spread out in a decentralized way and not Satan's apostasy from a fraudulent government "approved" and centralized building regulated by the state!

The replicating of church hierarchy, administration and structure created by Rome and carried into protestant churches. Bible colleges and Seminaries with worldly diploma levels and worldly credential issuing (like doctor, reverend, etc.). Church search committees for external pastoral candidates and all the salary and benefits packaging that goes with it when the New Testament clearly indicates that church elders are to be chosen from among the local church membership - not externally. Regulating NT church administration to that of non profit corporations with executive-like leadership. (Luke 16:15) reference among many others. Keep in mind that churches exampled to us in the New Testament were home churches. As they grew too big, one of the elders would start a new church in his home and so forth spreading house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood. This example is what turned the known world upside-down for Christ in the first centuries after His Ascension.

501c3 Tax Exemption:

There is no Bible precedent for purchasing separate property and infrastructure and worldly administration/programs, schools, colleges, etc...Nor is there a precedent for tax exemption for these non profit corporations calling themselves "churches". Jesus said to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars (taxes) but Rome's apostate influence has made "church" acceptable to Satan's world system and has provided protection from persecution as long as you are a member of these harlots.

These apostates whom claim tax exempt status through Satan's governments of the world, have given their voices and messages over to Satan on purpose and for MAMMON only. The love of money is the root of all evil and these all have sold themselves to Satan.

The Government OWNS & RUNS your Church & its Doctrines you harlots of Rome (REPENT while there is still time for you). Start over and build your churches as God exampled for you to do.


All 501C3 churches also receive "Briefings" on what they can & can not preach at least once a year. They've signed their voices away! In addition, most 501c3 churches are also set up for FEMA Camps and told they can not pray "In Jesus' Name" when used as a FEMA camp. These wolves in sheep's clothing are all that is left in the world now. True believers are underground meeting in homes and neighborhood churches as our Lord intended and showed us SINCE TRUE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCHES ARE THE ENEMIES OF SATAN'S GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD JUST AS THEY WERE IN THE FIRST 3 CENTURIES AFTER OUR LORD'S FIRST APPEARANCE.

Key thought: Our Lord made it clear that the world systems and the brainwashed multitudes it produces will HATE YOU, persecute you and MURDER you because they did all of the same to HIM. Rome's creation of a world-system church has spread throughout all "christian" denominations and has discontinued that type of persecution by design. You are all part of Satan's Mother of Harlots and not part of Christ's Body or Bride.


The teaching of the New Testament tithe is rooted in this same nicolaitan doctrine of ruler-ship over large groups of people. In order to have the ruler-ship over large amounts of people the early hirelings of the Roman Catholicism had to dissuade home churches growing house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, community to community as modeled in Acts and the Epistles. Effectively halting the wildfire spread of true Biblical Christianity.


Satan's nicolaitan masterpiece in the early 4th century AD stopped this spreading out of true Christianity and replaced it with tabernacles ruled over by mammon loving, "spiritually" superior men who demanded the spread stop ensuring that they then be looked upon as the authority over faith and practice for large geographical areas. This roman state apostasy has continued since then and continues today in all so-called "christian" denominations. These days the "call" by God is no more than a career track out of high school or college (whether "christian" or public) just like every secular occupation with worldly credentialing. They demand a non-existent New Testament tithe to pay for their over administered empires instead of openly sharing resources among the brethren (having all things common).....


​The new roman government church incorporated "Christian" terminology into pagan rituals with men-rulership instead of the God. The reformation in the 16th century left behind only pagan rituals but the men-rulership remained (nicolaitan doctrine).

The supernatural "calling" of God for men to pastor a church is nicolaitan doctrine and all sects buy into it. It provides "greatest among us" status and legitimacy for ruler-ship over large groups. Nicolaitan pastors in their man-empire building tabernacles constantly apply to themselves the Scriptures that clearly applied historically only to Apostles and Prophets. This is Apostolic Succession-ism cleverly concealed in tradition and widely accepted practice which of course,
is another CANON of Rome. The Scriptural fact is that pastors are no more called directly by God than deacons. They are both chosen by men only and require the adjudication of qualifications by men. Our Lord directed this example to keep men's pride minimized and to dissuade the worship of "mammon".

Nowhere in Scripture were Prophets or Apostles chosen by men nor required adjudication by men. God showed of this example when He corrected men's error of Matthias with Paul.

Nicolaitan ruler-ship over congregations by men:

New Testament churches were designed by God to be independent of other churches and shepherded by elders (plural) not one man as "king" or a central office that dictates doctrine. This is where this un-Scriptural notion of "not touching God's anointed comes from". The New Testament clearly commands that men never think more of themselves than servants. The least will be the greatest and the last shall be first in Heaven. If a pastor becomes unqualified according to I Timothy, Chaper 3, he is to be removed from office and replaced..Period. The qualifications are written as present tense and reiterated for this reason.

Mark 10: [40] But to sit on my right hand and on my left hand is not mine to give; but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared.
[41] And when the ten heard it, they began to be much displeased with James and John.
[42] But Jesus called them to him, and saith unto them, Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them.
[43] But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:
[44] And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.
[45] For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Although it is correct that there were no denominational hierarchies, it goes farther than that. I believe the doctrine of the nicolaitans to be far more than just denominational influence. We tend to reject denominational hierarchy but at the same time, accept empirical ruler-ship of one man over a local church which is just as wrong as denominational-ism.

Within cities, churches started in homes, as more believers were added and room ran out, another volunteer elder was appointed for their own home church and so on. For special meeting/large assemblies of multiple homes in a city, they met in synagogues, open air, etc. These are the primary reasons behind the pastoral quals, because the believers were seeing the elders personal lives first hand in their homes. No double lives were possible for them. If modern churches followed Scripture in this, there would be no Bible Colleges, schools, mission boards and all the other worldly imitating we see now. I say worldly imitated because this is patterned after the world's religions and not the NT. It is man-centric and not Jesus. Not to mention the fact that by now, 2017, there would be a NT church in a home with its influence in perhaps every neighborhood. That is how the world was turned upside down in the first century, and not by men's sinful desires to rule an empire. IFBs appear no different than any conservative protestant church in administration to the world. The empirical “church” replaced the home churches effectively stopping the spread from house to house.

Non-elder pastorates (unqualified young men):

All accounts recorded place Timothy at 48 years old when I Timothy was penned and at 48 he was considered young. Elders means the elder men of a church. Not men in their 20s who are not even members of the particular church they want to pastor. This is another tenet of Roman harlotry. This may be the worst stench in God's nostrils in these last days because it breeds the pride necessary for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Believing a youngster can be a Scriptural Pastor of a NT church is the same type of purposeful ignorance of Scripture as a lesbian couple. (I Tim 3:6;) not to mention nearly every Book in the New Testament).


Even nature itself teaches us that a position of responsibility and wisdom cannot be held by the young in any setting containing persons of more experience and wisdom. The young can never oversee or instruct elders according to the NT (I Tim 5 and Titus 2: 3-6 among many others).

Pastors or anyone else claiming they are directly called of God to an office or position:

As touched upon briefly above, God gave us clear qualifications for pastors in the churches. This is one of Rome's greatest apostasies ensuring mammon is served instead of God. There exists in this church age no one who is supernaturally (directly) called of God to pastor, preach, evangelize, etc. This is all man made apostasy straight out of Roman Canon. Pastors are not God's anointed as the Apostles and prophets of old were. Those men were supernaturally (directly) called of God for a specific purpose. The last of these callings in Scripture was an Apostle named Paul. Pastors (elders) were chosen by men and not by God in the New Testament (throughout the Epistles). NT churches are instructed to select both pastors and deacons from among their membership based on their desire to serve and their qualifications. Neither office was ever intended as permanent. Pastor is not a title, it is an office (as in limited in duration by God's design), hence the necessity of current desire and current qualifications. 


These foolish men keep the title of pastor whether actually a current local pastor or not. It is a point of pride with these men. It is the love of mammon that manifests itself in this way. So egregious and anti-Christ is this nicolaitan doctrine that God has stated emphatically that HE HATES IT.

Please consider this friends, if there existed in our time a direct calling from God there would be no qualifications listed for the membership of churches to judge them by. There were no qualifications for prophets or Apostles because God really did "call" them Directly and He makes no mistakes (judas was not a mistake, he was the fulfillment of prophecy). According to the NT, men call themselves through desire to follow God as servants called pastors and each church must judge them based on the qualifications provided (all in present tense-not past tense). I Tim 3:1-7. "If a man desires the office of bishop, he desireth a good work". There is no direct calling period in our time. Satan has destroyed the entire meaning of following Christ and death to self that elders should exemplify in the churches.

Profiting or merchandising God through books, commentaries, publications, etc:

Where does God say we need man's writings to supplement His Word and bypass the Spirit? It stinks of filthy lucre and breeds false teachings within the body of Christ. It causes believers to follow men instead of Christ. There is no difference between this and the selling of doves to make sacrifice (John 2:16 reference). Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding. (Proverbs 23:23 reference). (Additional references Ezek 28:16 also 2 Pet 2: 1-4). Making merchandise of God is unScriptural. Making men self willed and high minded which is abomination to God. I Cor 1: 12-15

Bible colleges and seminaries:

There is no other precedent in Scripture apart from local training of men and women (elder men teaching the younger and elder women teaching the younger) within local churches. These "higher learning" institutions are riddled with error, completely of man’s invention mimicking the world and based solely on worldly standards. We are separate from the world and must not imitate the world in any area. The Apostles never sought out worldly credentials or titles (Luke 16:15; Matt 23:12; Luke 14:11 and most telling is I Cor 1:28). I see none of this Scripture in men who seek after and embrace titles like reverend or doctor or published author, etc.. Many of whom spend much time in pursuit of their own glory in books and speaking engagements etc...If that is not the love of mammon, nothing is. But no one even takes a second look at Scripture which condemns this behavior.

I traveled the road of mammon, vanity and esteem of men for over 30 years before simply listening only to His Word convinced me of His Truth and helped me rid myself of the errors in all of the Harlot's denominations and their institutions of higher apostasy.

And they are all under the harlots influence in differing ways including the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist sects.

Curious where in the NT do you find this "institutional" instruction of men? Was it our Lord who underwent it or promoted it? Was it His Disciples who underwent it? Or was it only the Sanhedrin and their temple proselytes who loved that tradition of formal instruction resulting in credentials to display broadening their phylacteries, and enlarging the borders of their garments?

I know many justify these institutions through Timothy's on the job instruction. However, Timothy was led to Truth and instructed by Paul. Saul felt the same way you do until he was regenerated by the Spirit (not an accusation but a Scriptural Truth). His institutional training stopped at that point and was replaced by the Word and His Spirit. The example in Scripture is home grown by those who lead you to Truth, not in some far away institution by strangers.

Worldly credentialing has no Scriptural place whatsoever, follows the world's love of titles, producing hoards of unqualified young men into "full time" service. Strangely Jesus said repeatedly that anyone who truly believes will be "full time" because anyone who isn't "full time" does not truly believe. I know what they mean but calling it "full time" is Scripturally inaccurate. What they mean is "living of the Gospel". However, the NT says that churches are to provide a living (basic necessities, IE. food and raiment - I Timothy 6:5-8) to the men who labor in the Word and Doctrine. Nowhere does it say staffing for secretaries, libraries, schools, Bible Colleges, mission boards and all the other unscriptural Protestant/catholic empirical stuff we see in these last few days. Nor does it say to cheat the poor members in the assembly out of basic necessities to buy these men unnecessary "toys", vacations, etc.. If they want to be paid like white collar professionals, they should go be that and stop pretending God supernaturally called them to pastor. And good riddance to them, they were never Scripturally qualified to begin with and do little except hold back the members who truly do want to grow in Grace and conform into Christ's Image.


I myself am a graduate of Bible College as a tare but had I known 35 years ago what I know now, I would never even consider wasting God's time and money on it. It took the Spirit many years to unlearn most of the error I was taught then and since by the "highly esteemed of men" graduates of BJU, Temple, Hyles-Anderson, Liberty, Trinity, etc and these are those whom claim a corner on all Bible truth. I will not even mention the chaff of main stream denominationalism which hold the vast majority of Christ claiming sects. This is another primary reason that elders must teach and mentor the younger within their own churches as the Lord has shown us.

Men claiming positions that span more than their neighborhood churches and receive large paydays:

and draw big crowds but according to Scripture, do we really think God is using them?? These are called gainsayers by God. They have their reward and all will be revealed in time but in the meantime I ask us all to remember our Lords words: The base, the weak, the humble God uses to confound the things that are mighty. These mammon lovers do not love the Jesus of the New Testament. This is obvious if we truly go by Scripture. These have NO PLACE in New Testament Scripture and have declared themselves "apostles" over many churches. They makes claims that they are called of God to write and sell their merchandise but does the Scripture declare this.....ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

Their merchandise rarely matches the meaning of Scripture, they superimpose their teachings on multiple churches, turning many away from the teachings of Christ. These types have always been the source of apostasy infecting many churches at the same time.


This stench has been going on since the protestants left Rome.  They brought that nicolaitan ruler-ship with them. 

Scripture is given by God as the final authority on faith and practice including example and precedent. Anything additional to this is adding to the Word and was never the Lord's intent and is the root cause of all that ails us and disappoints God. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why our Lord said plainly: When the Son of Man cometh, will He find faith on the earth?

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