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Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God:


This type of Bible study is never mentioned by satan's careful design but is the central theme of Scripture (Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God). No matter where you feel you are in your walk with God this study program will change you. Even the most seemingly solidly grounded of believers will benefit from this, it is guaranteed by God. Faith comes by HEARING and hearing by the Word of God. Hearing God's Word without the commentary (tradition) that makes the Word of none effect. Try this, let the Spirit guide you in all truth.

Although seemingly mundane as far as systems of belief go, no big shots names to elevate, no frills, no flash, no commentary or merchandise to buy, only God's Word in the archaic, hard to understand King James English. Find Scourby narrated KJV New Testament Books on youtube and you are ready to begin.

God's Word is the ultimate test of your faith. If you are truly seeking God's Truth, He will reveal it to you so listen as if your life depends upon it (because it probably does). To start, set aside all time you normally devote to sermon/commentary study and divert it all to this:

  • Listen to all the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) one after another and then repeat this several times in a row consecutively. The Four Gospels are the foundation of God's Word for man in our time. They are the foundation of the New Testament and all the other Books of the New Testament are based on Christ's Direct Teaching in the Gospels. 

  • Then the Book of Acts.

  • Then the remainder of the New Testament Epistles (Romans all the way through Jude) one after another. The Holy Spirit of God will show you how all these Epistles are based solely on Christ's Direct Teaching in the Gospels.

  • By this time you will be far more prepared for the Book of Revelation than you ever thought you could be.

You will be assured of the Spirit's presence as you understand more and more by God's Word and God's Spirit (Like He said in John 3:8). God made clear that "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". You will truly understand what this means as you discover new truths every time you intently listen praying for the Holy Spirit's Guidance. You will find yourself pausing the script and opening your Bible, saying to yourself - I never saw nor ever heard this before in its true context. Soon you will know that peace that HE KNOWS YOU. You will discover whether your house was built on sand (wolves in sheep's clothing doctrine) or on the Solid Rock of Christ's teachings. Soon you will clearly see every teaching of Christ rephrased, reiterated and reinforced throughout all the Epistles and Revelation.


Then repeat this whole plan again and again. You will understand finally what it Scripturally means to walk with God.

Listening several times in a row reinforces the doctrinal changes occurring in your heart and your heart will rejoice after several iterations of listening with a pure heart truly seeking Him.

Listening to His Word defines clearly every context of the Scriptures. When context is truly captured so will the definitions of every word be understood. You will see how context provides definition in every single case. After repetitive listening and walking with God in His Word, The Spirit will connect dots you never imagined before and you will see His Word from a strategic viewpoint.  The Spirit of Truth will become clear as it debunks the previous spirit of error. You may very well discover that God's Opinion differs greatly from the opinions you previously had regardless of sect or system. The more dots you connect, the more of His Personality you understand. After repetitive listening you begin to know Him even as you are known.

If sincere, the likely affect will be that you will find yourself being freed from the system of belief or camp you were brainwashed into. AND YES, I do mean brainwashed. In most cases, this will save your eternal life. You will see that most if not all doctrine you stood so vehemently for is not found in contextual New Testament Scripture.

***Rome says to listen to men. All denominations now say to listen to men. Repetitive listening to men’s words in sermons and commentaries is the definition of brainwashing.

Listening only to God’s Words from God and not through men, causes HEART WASHING.

**Note life is far more than this 70 year audition, that is what baked bread enables. However, spiritual life only comes from His Word. It is the DAILY BREAD necessary for Everlasting SPIRITUAL LIFE.

All I am pleading with you to do is to listen only to God's Word. Without gimmicks or opinion. There is a strong chance most who read this have never received enough of His Word, unadulterated. Even the most self-proclaimed Mature Christians typically equate Bible Study with sermon/commentary study, reverting to Scripture merely as reference instead of The Bread of Life.


This is your chance to see just how far you have been led astray from God's Truth. Devote hours daily, including your commutes to this and this only. Saturate yourself in His Word and you will find the peace of God from God, not from men's plucked out, false assurances. Take this challenge, what do you have to lose besides yourself and your loved ones.....

No matter how smart you are, how formally educated, how theological you think you are, DO THIS and decide for yourself if this is or is not the KEY to everything.....

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