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In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters. Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it. And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it. After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, (Dividing of the spoils of the U.S.) and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns-(Daniel 7)
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Organic Act of 1871

The District of Columbia changed everything

Even though the original U.S. Constitution was replaced in 1871 and its replacement was ratified over the next seven years, America did not come under “direct” communist control until January 20th, 2021. Red communism has taken its grip on America since then and it isn’t letting go.


The first clue should be the stolen elections and then the J6 political prisoner “red terror” campaign being waged afterward. The one-sided justice system should ring a bell and the state-run, mockingbird media. Indeed, the cancel culture and massive censorship. Not to mention Biden's officially announcing red communism in American with his September, 2022 "red speech".


Rigging elections is the Chinese and Soviet way of life. Legal is what your rulers say is legal, get it? And soft but entrenched communism is what we have been under for the last two years.


Didn't Biden's "red speech" rings any bells? That was the official announcement that red communism has come to America and it seems to have gone over most heads. People refuse to see it to their own destruction. They might have to act and are petrified of their government's J6 style "red terror" campaign. Even that won't rings any bells in them. Think 1917 Russia and then some bells may start ringing but wouldn't make much difference at this point.

Many feel it deep down but won't acknowledge it....simply too painful to realize.


The global rulers (ten horns) are preparing you for the “great reset” and global red communism. A large part of this reset is the U.S. Corporation's liquidation. That debt won't pay itself and has been ballooned out of reach and looted for two years now.

Debt looted by the global robber barons from the common folks of the west, especially Americans. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers along with their "front-men" have robbed all of us for decades to enrich themselves. They have done it on purpose knowing full well that their puppet governments can never keep their promises of pensions and retirements. Promises they made to citizens who have allowed their money to be taken from them in good faith throughout their lifetimes. Well folks, the money is gone and they took it all. There is no Social Security or pension funds left. Neither in America nor Europe. They must do something to hide this fact so here we are with the "cover" of nuclear war to conceal the forfeiture of the U.S. corporation's assets. All humanity is being played in this end game of the wicked rich. The men who stole the world and won't pay it back. They looted and then bankrupted the entire west and must cover it up before it is common knowledge and they be lynched. This is why they rush to murder as many of you as they can before you find out.

The states will be parted out to clear the corporation's debts before Charles is coronated I suspect. The state you live in will determine which nationality you will become.


Yes indeed folks, the U.S.'s ballooned, now out of reach and looted debt will soon be called in by those who control this new world order. The central bankers mentioned earlier are calling in these debts as they work directly with the BRICS nations to replace the U.S. dollar. I fear that has been long decided and the reason behind the Obama, Trump and Biden's installations. No "nation" could ever incur the kind of debt America has without bankruptcy and forfeiture. But a "corporation" can for a time as long as it is artificially propped up. Artificially propped up by maintaining it as the world's reserve and petrol currency. That is quickly changing however and once we hear that the dollar is replaced in those roles, the debts come due and the nukes will drop to cover it all up I suspect.

You see, it is starting to look like America isn't a sovereign nation, was never invited to their new world order and must be dissolved in order for them to have their new world order and their "great financial reset". Oh, I am quite convinced that Charles knows and his coronation depends on his corporation's dissolution I suspect. One can imagine the Godless "deals" that go on with the wicked rich. Unfortunately the world is seeing more and more evidence of the elite's satanic lusts for pedophilia and child sacrifice with more to come. Coincidently it seems their liquidation and reset will "head off" all this trouble that the wicked rich are in. Isn't that convenient for them? 

Their financial "reset" depends upon this liquidation of the U.S. and the dissolution of the "corporation" was one of their main objectives with Covid, the 2020 steal and the Ukraine false flag. I am convinced that it is a false flag from the massive amount of propaganda coming from every direction about it mixed with zero real evidence of it in video footage. Apart from "ghost of kiev" type fake footage or obvious "training" footage there is no footage at all coming out of Ukraine with the mass of mercenaries supposedly there and millions of civilian cell phones. No real combat or humanitarian footage ever escapes? Really? I am very suspicious of this.
The lack of evidence mixed with constant propaganda is the defining characteristic of false flags.
America is the target folks.


Recall how the political puppets of the world and their media touted Queen Elizabeth's recent death as the great turning point for the world. This is the turn they meant. The British Crown is dumping the "U.S. Inc". Full bankruptcy with division of assets to creditors/claimants comes next.


Once America is absorbed into these other nations, then the global reset to CBDC/Digital ID becomes the only way to buy and sell and live in their new world order of global red communism. 

I said above that this has all been long decided. It is now known that Russia and China have been discussing back and forth for decades how to divide the U.S. once it is either declared insolvent or as a result of America's loss in a war against both of them. Here is an excerpt from the link provided in this paragraph:

Igor Nikolaevich Panarin, born in 1958, graduated from the Higher Military School of Telecommunications of the KGB and the Division of Psychology of the Lenin Military-Political Academy (with a gold medal). In the 1990s he did strategic forecasting for Boris Yeltsin and headed the Analytical Division of the Central Election Commission of Russia. In 1998 Panarin allegedly used data from classified sources to assess American society. After careful consideration, he forecast the “probable” breakup and conquest of the United States. If his prognostications are correct, North America will eventually look something like this:







In 2008, when a global financial crisis was approaching, Panarin suggested the U.S. might break up by 2010. Notice, from the map above, that China gets the Western states while Alaska goes to Russia. According to the GRU defector Stanislav Lunev, at the end of the Cold War China and Russia negotiated a division of spoils that would occur at the conclusion of a future world war in which Chinese manpower and Russian missile-power would combine into an irresistible military combination. Lunev’s map is different, yet more believable; for Lunev does not include Japan or the European Union, or Mexico or Canada in the division of spoils. After all, if the United States actually collapsed, all these countries would find themselves in a subservient position to Moscow and Beijing. Why would these minor powers be entitled to chunks of America? But Panarin, who was then making a public presentation, had to pander. “Look,” he was cynically saying, “you will get a piece of the pie. We won’t leave you out. Don’t worry.”


Now we all get to watch together the looting of the last bits of fiat currency before it's liquidation. The political puppets don't understand this, it is just free and easy laundering to them but their masters know and have directed it. Well like most unscrupulous people, these puppets and their NGO masters are looting the U.S. corporation's debt before bankruptcy is declared. All the NGOs and their puppets are getting their pieces of the corporate pie before it is broken up.


No crystal ball here but it seems the betrayals surviving Americans will soon learn about will be heartbreaking. I mean shaken to their foundation type heartbreaking. What if we have all been victims of the most elaborate hoax and set up of all time.


The rulers may have decided to make the liquidation of the U.S. corporation look like nuclear war so the truth of the corporation is never exposed to the remaining commoners of the world. Unfortunately, Americans won't "wake up" until they wake up one day as Chinese or Russian satellite citizens. 


There is little doubt now that it will be a one sided nuclear exchange. The rulers just need to make it all look like an unfortunate sequence of events with their puppet Joe. They will queue Putin to launch and Biden to bumble. Or perhaps Biden to bumble and launch one or two and Putin to mass retaliate on select U.S. targets that are pre-determined by the central bankers. Whatever the scenario Biden will not retaliate effectively (by design) with a half baked excuse given once it is too late and the corporation is liquidated. No wonder Deagel forecasted a 233 million population reduction in the U.S. before 2025 and only slight reductions for Russia or China. Starting to sound like this has been the plan all along.


When you start learning that most of what you have been taught is all a lie then everything is fishy and needs analysis. The bumbling into "nuclear" war with Russia is smelling more like cover to dissolve the corporation's debts.


America was a great idea but may have only lasted 90 years. The creation of D.C. probably changed everything unannounced to us and has remained hidden as a rarely discussed conspiracy theory all this time. Well, even the sleepwalkers now know that when "the establishment" calls something a conspiracy theory it is usually proven fact later but always after the damage of the lie is done.

It appears clear to me at this point that this "corporation of the British crown" theory was all true all along. Certainly seems like it now. Keep your heads down because the whole Russia war and nuke cover story is how they will spin the dissolution of America.

They will call it a "surrender and dividing of spoils" to hide the truth of the corporation from the world I suspect. God used Daniel to foretell of this event, not just in the opening passage of Scripture but also here and here.


A plucking of wings as the title of this page says. Russia gets three of its previous territories out of this liquidation deal as revealed by the Prophet Daniel. Note the ribs in the bear's mouth indicate previous territories of Russia. Seems obvious now that this is referencing Alaska, Ukraine and one other "rib", perhaps Poland? China (the dragon's seat) however, gets the best parts of the U.S. and the EU the rest. I reference the Scripture at the top of this page for these predictions. 


Mr. Putin knows and is playing his role in all this as are every other named player throughout the world, Mr. Trump included. It is very much in keeping with the current state of propaganda and opposition control going on throughout the west that this has all been scripted by the ten horns. All the prominent players currently on the world's stage are actors fulfilling their roles. Some doing so ignorantly in exchange for fiat "riches". While others to spare their lives and/or allow them their places among the 1% when all the calamities and genocide are done.

Wake up folks, your corporation (formerly known as the East India Trade Company) is nearly insolvent. It is no coincidence that the East India Trade company was disbanded in 1874 midway through the seven years the District of Columbia was being established and ratified. It was never disbanded, they merely changed it's name. This corporate dissolution is probably the big event they need to sell their "great reset" globally. Demonizing fiat currency and its fragility and offering up the CBDC/Digital ID "solution".


Betrayals, they be a coming and they be a coming quick. If this is true and I am near convinced that it is then every American alive today has lived a lifetime of lies. The constitution has long been abolished being replaced with D.C. in 1878.


The (red horse) rides our way soon. The wings are being plucked. They aren't printing the dollar out of existence by accident. The insolvency they are perpetually printing right in front of us is being done on purpose. When the smoke clears of this nuclear cover up, the common people of the world will realize that the ruler's great bail-in/reset has occurred during and because of this false flag nuclear exchange. All pensions, retirements, 401Ks and social security will be gone along with the common folks savings and investments. The new world order will have global power and all the masses of the industrialized world will have to live on a universal monthly income provided digitally by the central bankers and their puppet governments.


On a side note, the borders opened two years ago. More evidence that countries have borders but corporations do not. In addition the 60% vax rate among the west's whites is by the far the highest of any racial group. Well, your global rulers know who has the cognitive ability to challenge them. Hint: it isn't 3rd world blacks and browns. These invading replacements will fill the ranks of their new world order serf class once the U.S. Corporation is liquidated and her lands parceled out to China, Russia and the EU.  These 3rd world replacements are much lower maintenance and easily controlled. 


Now, just apply this webpage information to every future "why on earth are they doing this" question we have.

On another side note, the Biden's of the world are the only pawns your true rulers can get. No one with real intelligence or an ounce of moral character would ever turn on their neighbors and countrymen for a few shekels. The Roths and Rocks get what they paid for and simply have to work with what they can get. Most of your congress is the same.
That is why your current government over all is so grossly incompetent and unintelligible. This is also why so much money and effort is put into their red media to cover for them and their outrageous crimes, gaffes, blunders and stupidity. All this effort put forth is simply to keep buying the global rulers time to finish their reset and to take what they consider is theirs and theirs alone: the earth and everything contained therein.

These political puppets entrenched in government are the bottom of the barrel because only the bottom of the barrel would agree to sell themselves outright and perform the traitorous, vile acts required by their global masters. They would have never advanced past their parents basements without these deals with the devil. But alas, it is nearly over now so at least we won't have to hear
from these clowns much longer. That is one consolation anyway.

If you are pricked in your heart about why you existed to begin with and want to find out the truth of the real "matrix" rarely discussed anywhere, please go to this page. You see the propaganda being inflicted on humanity by the wicked rich pales in comparison to the propaganda their "god" has spread throughout the world over the last 2000 years. Had you realized just how artificial and temporary your reality was and how easily a few men can take your American dream away from you, you would have already trusted in and followed our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are still breathing then seek Him now!

If you are interested in seeing the dots connect between Biblical Prophecy and current events, take a look at our Digital ID page and our Tribulation page.


I suspect it will be a bumpy ride between now and Charles' coronation. Prepare yourselves.

This article is updated periodically.

**I make no claims whatsoever of being a prophet or having some supernatural gift of the early church that no longer exists. I don't get visions or dreams. I absolutely admit that I created these sequences of events outlined on these Times and Seasons pages by watching very closely current events and how they relate within the Books of Daniel, Revelation and the Gospels. These conclusions also factor in cross referencing of all the major Old Testament Prophetical Books (please view all the reference links for evidence). I am also 100% convinced that only those who follow Christ in Spirit and in Truth alive in the end will be able to see that they are in the end. If I am convinced than I must warn others. This is God's Will for us all. I don't have the luxury of claiming prophet status or visions or gifts to cover my inconsistencies. So I carefully lay out why I believe this is happening with contextual Scriptural evidence that prove no inconsistencies exist. All the dots are there to connect for any whom seek the Lord with a pure heart. What you do with it is of your own free will. I just warn to be weary of the probabilities laid out.**


Prophets were sent by God in the earlier ages of man to give His Words to man. God's complete Revelation to man has been finished and provided to us with His Bible and God has made it clear that we will receive no further Revelation from Him. He left us His Spirit on earth to show all men His Truth in His completed Word. All the dots are there to connect for any whom seek Him with a pure heart.

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